“Wheelie Pup” Is Rescued After Getting Stuck In A Tire

Puppies are extremely curious and often get themselves into trouble without meaning to. However, when the Riverside County Animal Services received a call about a puppy stuck in a tire, they had never heard anything like it. A poor 3-month-old Australian Cattle Dog from California had put her head through a wheel, and she couldn’t seem to squirm out of it.

Rescuing the Pup

Animal services tried to use oil to lubricate the pup’s neck to get her free, but it was no use. The poor puppy had swelling around her neck. She was stuck worse than expected. So, they decided to transport her to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus where firefighters were able to help with the rescue.

Image: @helpinRIVcoPETS/Twitter

“It was so worrying to me. I was trying to imagine how the heck she got put in that position and you just got to remember that puppies will be puppies. Just curiosity. There was probably food on the other side of it or something, she just crammed her head right through,” said David Hough, a Riverside County animal care technician.

The little puppy was very wiggly, so the firefighters decided that she needed to be sedated in order to be kept safe. Once she had calmed down, they were able to cut a small piece off of the wheel, allowing just enough space to safely remove her. Just like that, she was free! She even acted as if nothing bad had happened.

“She’s totally fine now. She doesn’t look fazed by it at all,” said Hough.

Image: @helpinRIVcoPETS/Twitter

“Wheelie Pup” is Home!

After this story was shared all over the news, the curious puppy quickly earned the nickname “Wheelie Pup.” She is a sweet girl that quickly bonded with her rescuers. But as it turns out, she already has a forever home.

Once the swelling in Wheelie Pup’s neck subsided, she was given a nice bath and her parents were contacted. Her family came to pick her up not long after. She was overjoyed to be reunited with her loved ones!

Image: @helpinRIVcoPETS/Twitter

Her dad explained that her real name is Lana, but Wheelie Pup still fits her pretty well. The staff at Riverside County Animal Services already miss her very much!

Puppies are just so curious that they often get themselves into so much unnecessary trouble. So, always keep an eye on your furry friends as much as you can. You wouldn’t want your pup getting stuck in a tire too!

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Featured Image: @helpinRIVcoPETS/Twitter

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