High-Tech Animal Shelter Gives Pets A Taste Of Home Before Adoption

Advertisement Technology has a million amazing applications, but the Wallis Annenburg PetSpace is using technology to get the word out about their pups in ways we never imagined!  Unlike other shelters we’ve seen, the Annenburg PetSpace doesn’t have wire kennels. Each adoptable pet gets his own suite with a television that plays pet-friendly shows to … [Read more…]

5 Raw Food Diet Trends and How Pet Owners Raw-Feed Their Dogs

Despite health warnings and issues about raw meat feeding, there’s a growing consumer interest, particularly among pet owners, for raw dog food diet. With constant dog food recalls, more owners are switching to feeding high-protein meals of mostly fresh meat just as the dogs’ ancestors have been consuming their food for centuries. Homemade raw dog food … [Read more…]

Spoil Your Pup This Christmas With Their Very Own Christmas Tree Ornament!

Advertisement Whether artificial or straight from the farm, every Christmas tree tells a story. They’re stories about newlyweds celebrating together for the first time and grandparents looking back on decades of happy memories. No matter what your story says, there’s no doubt it’s all about family. Everyone gathers around to decorate the tree with symbols … [Read more…]

The 10 Best Thanksgiving Treats for Dogs

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everything good in your life, and since all pets easily fall into this category, it is also a perfect time to show appreciation for them on this favorite holiday. The best Thanksgiving treats for dogs can be store bought commercial treats or homemade dog treats. Just be sure to … [Read more…]

Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs

The holiday season is right around the corner! I’m not certain if I get more work being a dog trainer or being a veterinary technician during this time of year. What I can guarantee is that we will see at least a half dozen toxicity cases before it is all said and done and the … [Read more…]