Vet Discovers 19 Pacifiers In Bulldog’s Stomach

It’s not uncommon for the family dog to feel jealous when a new baby invades their turf. But a Massachusetts pooch named Mortimer took his baby blues to a whole new level. Mort’s humans brought him to the vet after the 3-year-old pooch began vomiting and refusing meals. An X-ray revealed the source of his … [Read more…]

Your Dog, PTSD and Getting Help

It isn’t uncommon for someone with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to get a dog. PTSD is one of the few mental illnesses triggering anxiety and other symptoms in response to external events.  Real life triggers create their own set of unique challenges and opportunities. We exist in a world full of everyday anxiety which triggers … [Read more…]

Stunning Snouts: Study Finds Dogs Can Detect Lung Cancer with 97% Accuracy

A cancer diagnosis requires tests. Lots of tests. Oncologists use highly-expensive methods to diagnose lung cancer in humans. Now, there might be a way to detect the disease by tapping their local Beagle community. Yes, a new study found Beagles can recognize the disease by scent. Medical Breakthrough A study from the American Osteopathic Association … [Read more…]