Man and His Dog Heal from Health Problems Together

Rick Slater and his Dachshund Banjo are best friends. For more than a decade, the inseparable pair have taken daily walks through their hometown. Both of the best buds suffered recent serious health problems. With each other’s support, they are overcoming the challenges. Image Mark Davis/Powell Tribune Slater Suffered a Stroke and Banjo Injured His Back … [Read more…]

7 Dog Walking Dangers You Should Know About

By Sophie Vershbow Reviewed by Sarah Wooten, DVM No matter the breed, all dogs need to go outside on a regular basis. Depending on your pet’s physical ability––and your own schedule––that can mean anything from a quick stroll around the block to an all-day hike in the woods. “Dog walking has great health benefits both … [Read more…]

Amber Abroad: Part 6 – Fostering Kittens In Cambodia

The life of a stray animal is pretty rough in Cambodia. With limited support for stray animal colonies, infectious disease running rampant, and high motorbike traffic at every end of the city; wandering animals have the odds stacked against them. While animal organizations like PPAWS try their best to limit the suffering of animals in … [Read more…]