Can My Dog Get Coronavirus?

You’ve likely heard about Coronavirus by now. It can be more than a little scary when a virus like this seems to spread so quickly, but as dog lovers, many of us immediately turn our thoughts to our pups at times like these. Especially if you’re familiar with the phrase, “Canine Coronavirus.” “Can my dog … [Read more…]

Website Will Warn You About Sad Movie Scenes Involving Dogs

Did the film Marley & Me leave you emotionally scarred? Are you afraid to watch movies with doggie actors for fear they might face an untimely demise? You are not alone! On the website,, viewers just like you crowd-source “emotional spoilers” for movies, TV, books, video games, and more. The website’s database currently has more … [Read more…]

12 Celebs Who Are Passionate About Pit Bulls

We all know pitties often get a bad rap, but many celebrities are stepping out as self-proclaimed Pit Bull lovers who are passionate about their favorite breed. Many have adopted them and become advocates, and some have even started nonprofits to help the breed and end stereotyping. These 15 celebrities are a few of those … [Read more…]

Why does my dog like sniffing butts?

Most of us consider ourselves polite people in polite society. We greet each other with smiles, kind words, head nods and handshakes. Our best friend, however, has a different sort of greeting. They choose to sniff bums. I would guess that most people with dogs conclude their pups do not have manners. But there’s more … [Read more…]

Spotify Creates Personalized Playlists For Your Dog

Leaving your furry friends at home is always difficult. It’s hard not to worry about whether or not they’ll be lonely while you’re away. However, many people have realized that music can help soothe animals, especially when they’re feeling lonely. So, Spotify launched a special feature specifically for the animals in your life. You can … [Read more…]