Recipe: Diabetic Dog Home Cooked Diet

[embedded content] Caring for a diabetic dog can be a challenge. A change in diet and activity level will be necessary. Medication may be needed. Some owners turn to a diabetic dog home cooked diet to help with this struggle, but this option may not be the best choice for every pet. You’ll need to check … [Read more…]

My 5 Safety Tips on Home Cooking for Dogs

[embedded content] The advantages to homemade dog food are numerous, but the dangers can be just as many. The biggest benefit to store bought kibble is that it provides balanced nutrition with all of the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. You don’t get that luxury with homemade meals, but following my safety tips … [Read more…]

Dog Food Secrets… Exposed!

Choose The BEST Dog Food, Without Getting Ripped Off We all know that a varied diet is important for human health… … It’s how we get the nutrients we need from our food to live long, healthy lives, free of disease. No single food provides the complete nutrition the human body needs.  So we’re encouraged … [Read more…]

How To Stop Food Aggression in Dogs

[embedded content] Food aggression in dogs is the term used when a dog shows behaviors such as growling or snapping to convince humans or other animals to stay away from their food or treats. Some pet owners chalk this behavior up to a dog’s natural instincts, but the truth is that food aggression is a very … [Read more…]

How To Make A Puppy Cake: My 4 Favorite Recipes

[embedded content] Birthdays are a big deal in our house, even for our dogs. I usually celebrate our pups’ birthdays with ‘pupcakes’, so each dog can have their own little treat. This year I decided to try out some doggy birthday cakes, and I’m sharing how to make a puppy cake with my 4 favorite … [Read more…]

My Best Dog Birthday Cake Recipe Without Peanut Butter

[embedded content] Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Well, not everyone does. If your dog can’t have peanut butter or just doesn’t like the flavor, try my best dog birthday cake recipe that does not include this ingredient. Birthday cakes are a fun way to celebrate your pooch. You don’t even have to know Fido’s birthday to … [Read more…]

Recipe: Best Homemade Dog Biscuits

[embedded content] If you worry about the safety of store bought dog treats, why don’t you try making your own? It’s a great way to reward your pup without having to fret about dangerous ingredients, contaminated products or tainted meat sources. The best homemade dog biscuits use healthy ingredients and are easy to make. Did you … [Read more…]

Recipe: Easy Weight Gain Dog Food

[embedded content] Does your dog need to put on some weight? Increasing the amount of fat in his diet or simply feeding him larger portions isn’t always the healthiest way to do so. You don’t don’t want Fido packing on extra fat, so increasing his carbohydrate and protein intake is also important. This easy weight gain … [Read more…]