Robotic Dogs Lift The Spirits of Dementia Patients That Can’t Care For Actual Pets

We all know that having a dog in our lives is one of the most fulfilling relationships we can ever have. It’s no doubt that animal companionship can heal the heart of just about anything, but what about those who can benefit from their love but are physically unable to care for them?

Serendipity Fine Tea and Delicacies in Salado, Texas is on a mission to raise money for their local memory care facilities to offer them a furry friend they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. We’ve all seen the comfort that a therapy dog can bring to the patients of a memory care home. Animals can lift the spirits of even the saddest of souls, but due to the struggles that a dementia patient faces, they are unable to care for them long term.

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Simple tasks such as remembering to feed your dog, taking them outside to use the restroom, and other daily tasks are just not possible for those suffering from dementia. Luckily, Joy For All has found a way to offer patients the companionship of a furry friend without all the responsibility of a real-life pet.

“Joy For All Companion Pets are designed to bring comfort, companionship, and fun to elder loved ones. Our interactive cats and pup are all about an ease-of-care and convenience that pairs with technology for the best possible experience.” – Joy For All

These robotic pups recreate some of the best moments of dog ownership. They respond to sound and touch, bark and greet their humans, and even have a lifelike coat that helps dementia patients feel as if they really have a furry companion at their side at all hours.


The owner of Serendipity Fine Tea and Delicacies, Mary Kelch, first found out about Joy For All when she was scrolling through Facebook and saw an ad for the interactive robotic pets. When she realized that these could greatly enrich the lives of dementia patients, she knew she had to do something for the memory care facilities in her area.

Kelch is on a mission to raise as many funds as possible to hopefully donate multiple robotic pups to the Temple VA Medical Center and their patients. Each robotic dog costs $130 while the robotic cats cost $110, so these costs can quickly add up once you factor in purchasing a robotic pet for each patient.

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If you would like to contribute to Mary Welch’s cause, you can reach out to her directly here. We are so thankful for caring hearts like Mary that offer a wonderful solution to the struggles that so many dementia patients face.

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