Rescue Holds New Dad’s Arm The Whole Way Home

The poor pup was very scared and confused about his adoption at first. He had a whole range of new experiences to adjust to.

“He was terrified when we got home and it took him an hour to slowly come out of the car. Once he got out, I gave him a big bath, some food and a comfy bed in front of the fire.”

As he slowly learned to adjust to his new life eating and drinking from bowls and having readily available TLC, Stanley really leaned on Clarence for support. And I mean he literally always did.

“As a pup, he would sleep with me on the bed and we could never not be touching. He would lay behind me and always have at least a paw touching my back; if I moved, he moved.”

Eventually, Clarence learned that when Stanley wants cuddle, Stanley gets cuddle. The dog will paw at him until his request is granted.

“If I’m driving we have to be in contact or he will force it upon me. If we are watching TV, same thing. I will get paws flying at me until I touch him. It’s just his quirk. If I’m not around he will do it to my housemate as well.”

Stanley is a little older and wiser now, but he’s still the same touchy-feely boy from back when. Whatever Stanley went through as a puppy, he’s got someone always there to scratch his belly or simply be an arm rest now. Just the way he likes it!

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