PLEASE WATCH: Abused Pit Bull Finds Forever Home With an American Hero

PLEASE READ: We try hard to bring you great content – from the writing to the images and videos. But we don’t care if you read this story. We hope you do, but if nothing else, do yourself a favor and watch the video at the end. This is such a touching story. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be thankful you did. This is Franky’s story.

Sometimes we find our dogs when they need us most. And sometimes, our dogs find us when we need them the most. In this case, both pup and human were in need of love. And then they came together. Get your tissues ready. This story is one of compassion, hope, and companionship. Trigger warning: Franky survived extreme abuse.

Meet Franky

In April, Montgomery [Tennessee] County Animal Control received a call to pick up a dog. A staggering site greeted them.

They found a Pit Bull with half his scalp missing and ear flaps ripped off. Maggots infested his open wounds. There were bite marks surrounding his head, neck, and legs. All of these injuries made authorities suspect this poor pup was used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring.

The Montgomery County Angel Fund helped bring the Pit Bull, named Franky, to Sango Veterinary Hospital for care.

Dr. Jennifer Whitbeck and her husband, Chuck, from Sango Veterinary Hospital told Franky’s story on their social media pages. His story spread internationally.

Franky the Pit Bull and his new dad
​Source: Sango Veterinary Hospital

Enter Retired Army Sergeant Major Chris Self

Thousands of miles away, Chris Self watched Franky’s videos from his job in Afghanistan. The retired Army Sergeant had experienced his own extreme challenges. As an Army Special Forces veteran, Self served as a military police K-9 officer. In 2006, Self had to have his right leg amputated to due to gunshot wounds he sustained the earlier year.

According to Clarksville Now, Dana Self, Chris’ wife said, “Everyday Chris wakes up and puts one foot and a prosthetic down on the floor and knows that he’s going to fight for this country. No matter what it took. Even retired, he still works in Afghanistan.”

After her husband frequently peppered her with questions about Franky’s wellbeing, Dana and her daughter attended a “Meet Franky” day at Sango Veterinary Hospital. There, they found a partner for Chris.

When Franky was ready for adoption, Chris’ daughter Haley Jones knew she had to try and get the pup for her family. She wrote a letter to the hospital. She also contacted Pets for Patriots, a national non-profit organization. The non-profit said they would support the adoption and Franky’s future medical needs.

Then the shelter selected the Self family for Franky’s forever home!

Frank the Pit Bull and his new familyFrank the Pit Bull and his new family
​Source: Sango Veterinary Hospital

Finding Each Other

Dana decided to keep the new family member a secret from Chris. They finalized the adoption and when Chris returned home from Afghanistan in mid-June, his entire family, including Franky was waiting for him at the airport.

When Chris walked through the terminal of Nashville International Airport he saw his family and 18-month-old Franky.

“It’s a boy,” his wife shouted.

The bond was instant. Chris and Franky immediately took to one another. We’re not surprised. It was like these two were meant to be.

Watch the whole touching story unfold from beginning to end

H/T Clarksville Now
Featured image c/o: The Montgomery County Angel Fund

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