10 Wonderful Ways To Bond With Your Dog

Advertisement Life is busy and technology is everywhere, but no matter how wrapped up we get in our day-to-day tasks, it’s incredibly important to spend a little time with our dogs every single day. We may have a lot going on with work, families, and countless other responsibilities, but in our dogs’ eyes, we are … [Read more…]

Shelter’s Longest Resident Of Over 3 Years Finally Finds The Perfect Pawrents

Advertisement Dots the dog was transferred to the SPCA of Broward County, Florida when he was just 6-months-old. The snaggle-toothed pup became a staff favorite, but for some reason, he was overlooked by adopters time and again. The days, weeks, months and years ticked by until Dots became the shelter’s longest resident. His friends at the SPCA … [Read more…]