The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Giving Your Dog Bones

Advertisement With all the health and safety concerns surrounding commercial pet food, it’s no wonder many pawrents introduce real meat and bones into their dogs’ diets. Animal bones are a delicious treat and an excellent way for dogs to satisfy their desire to chew. However, they are not without risks. Read on to find out … [Read more…]

Dog Digs Up Woolly Mammoth Tooth Right In His Backyard

Advertisement Kirk Lacewell from Whidbey Island, WA wasn’t surprised when his 8-month-old pup named Scout started digging in the yard. It’s typical behavior for an energetic yellow lab, but what wasn’t typical was what Scout dug up. In a shallow hole in the backyard, Scout pulled out what looked like a rock. He started carrying … [Read more…]

Neglected Dog Abandoned In Dumpster Gets Adopted

Advertisement Hearts around the world broke this month when a 2-year-old Chihuahua was found discarded in a Des Moines, Iowa dumpster, but his story is finally getting it’s happy ending. The Chihuahua had been locked in a kennel and thrown away like garbage, but the container broke when it landed in the trash. The dog … [Read more…]