Study Shows CBD Oil May Be Helpful For Dogs With Seizures

CBD derived from cannabis and super low in THC, is used to treat human health issues, and recent studies are opening the doors to dogs. The newest study on using CBD oil for dogs delivers good news, something many veterinarians have been anticipating—CBD oil has great potential for treating dogs with epilepsy. Dr. Stephanie McGrath with Colorado … [Read more…]

Rescue Dog Is A Natural Model For All The Bling At Owners’ Jewelry Shop

Advertisement Belinda and Alex Leitch are the owners of Seaside Gems on New Zealand’s gorgeous London Quay and the parents of Maxwell, an adorable rescue pooch with a passion for fashion. The 11-year-old Pug/Japanese Chin serves as the shop’s unofficial mascot and jewelry model! Thousands of cruise ship tourists visit the town of Picton each year, … [Read more…]

Can Dogs Have Hairballs?

Advertisement While hairballs are less common in dogs than in cats, dogs can get hairballs. What sort of dogs are more prone to hairballs? What causes hairballs? Should you be worried if your dog vomits one up? How can you prevent hairballs in your dog? Don’t worry, we have the answers you’re looking for. Here’s … [Read more…]

11 Tips To Help You Find Your Lost Dog Faster

Advertisement The first 24 hours after a dog goes missing are crucial, but luckily the odds are in your favor. A survey conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found that 93% of lost dogs return home safely! In addition to creating fliers and scouring the neighborhood, these 11 tips will help bring your … [Read more…]