Jane Lynch’s Obese Rescue Dog Makes Incredible Recovery

Arbuckle the obese cattle dog was abandoned in a field in California. He was 116 pounds at the time, which is at least 40 pounds more than he should be! The poor pup was left face-down in the field, and his weight prevented him from moving. He was starting to give up hope, but then A Purposeful Rescue came to save the day! They took him in and vowed to give him the medical attention he needed.

The rescue brought Arbuckle to a vet for examination right away. They discovered that Arbuckle suffered from hypothyroidism, which is what caused him to gain so much weight to the point where he was immobile. The rescue had no idea what Arbuckle’s past was like, but it’s clear that his previous home hadn’t given him the necessary care.

Image: @allaboutarbuckle/Instagram

Arbuckle’s Second Chance

Since Arbuckle’s weight was due to hypothyroidism, he had to take medicine to help him get into shape instead of going on a diet. Luckily, he slowly began to recover after starting the medicine. Soon, he was up and walking again!

During his recovery, actress Jane Lynch heard about this amazing dog. She and her partner fell in love with his story, so they decided to adopt him. They already had 3 other rescue dogs, and they were excited to welcome another into their home. 

Image: @allaboutarbuckle/Instagram

With his new family, Arbuckle was given a loving place to heal. He soon began to lose the extra weight until he finally made it all the way down to 66 pounds! It took a lot of patience and love, and his new moms were able to give him that.

Throughout Arbuckle’s journey, he even became a social media star! Lynch created an Instagram page for him where they posted lots of updates on his progress. Some of his fans even created cute artwork of him.

“Going online and seeing how people feel about Arbuckle via the comments on Instagram is just so touching,” Lynch said.

Image: @allaboutarbuckle/Instagram

Arbuckle’s Legacy

Arbuckle’s story inspired so many people around the world. After being abandoned, he probably thought that was it for him. But then, an amazing rescue and a loving family turned his life around!

Sadly, Arbuckle passed away at 9 years old. Even though he successfully lost the weight, he still had lots of health problems that worsened over time. In his last days, his parents let him know how loved he truly was. 

Lynch and her partner gave him plenty of snuggles and delicious meals before they finally had to say goodbye. Of course, his family wishes that they could’ve had more time with him, but they’re grateful that they were able to make the rest of his life so exciting.

Image: @allaboutarbuckle/Instagram

After Arbuckle passed away, Lynch encouraged fans to donate to A Purposeful Rescue in his honor. To her surprise, Arbuckle’s fans quickly responded to this and began donating as much as they could. The rescue received $5,000 in donations just in the first day!

So, not only was Arbuckle’s life saved when Lynch adopted him, but he helped save so many shelter dogs even after his life ended. There are so many dogs out there like Arbuckle that need a forever home, so the more people that are willing to adopt dogs in need, the better! Hopefully Arbuckle’s legacy will continue to save dogs and inspire others.

Image: @allaboutarbuckle/Instagram

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Featured Image: @allaboutarbuckle/Instagram

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