Deaf Great Dane Hilariously Protests His Right To Swim

Remember when you were a kid and your parents wouldn’t let you go swimming? It was soul-crushing, heartbreaking, and downright cruel! Okay, maybe that’s a little bit dramatic but we know one pup that agrees! The bigger the dog, the bigger the tantrum so you can imagine the kind of tantrums that a Great Dane can have!

A Pouty, Pool Party Loving Pooch

Max was an avid swimmer and mischief-maker. When he didn’t get his way, everyone was going to hear about it! Max was caught lurking around the pool one day. He was deaf but that didn’t mean he didn’t know his boundaries.

Max’s mom repeatedly told him that he wasn’t allowed to go for a dip but Max wasn’t having it. The gentle giant was wearing a sleeve on his front leg and it’s unclear why. What we do know, however, is that he was determined that it wouldn’t stop him from taking his afternoon swim!


It can get blistering hot in Florida where Max lived. Even Winter months can soar toward 90 degrees. It’s no wonder Max wanted to cool off so badly. Normally, Max could have been found lounging on the pool steps wearing his stylish fedora. He was quite the ladies’ man! Despite reading his mom’s body language the day of his pouty pool protest, Max proceeded to dip his paw into the water as if he was testing the temperature… and his mom’s patience!

She again told him he wasn’t allowed in and his wails of protest grew louder and louder! Max’s overdramatic response was Oscar-worthy. His howls of angst outdid any role you’ve ever seen come out of Hollywood.


Max’s Legacy And Spunky Personality Lives On

Max has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He had quite the personality that his mom documented on the Facebook page, Max & Katie The Great Danes. Now that Max and Katie are both gone, there are Mikey and Ellie. Mikey especially has a personality that would give Max and run for his money! He is always finding himself at the center of mischief and the only one who can put Mikey in his place is the cat that he shares a house with.


Mikey is a scone thief, a bed hog, an Amazon package pirate and a pizza fiend. He helps deliver groceries from the car to the kitchen, but he always makes sure he is rewarded with a little snack. And, just like his brother Max, Mikey has one black spot in the middle of his nose.

Check out the hilarious video of Max!

h/t: @MaxandKatietheGreatDanes/Rumble
Featured Photo: @Max&KatieTheGreatDanes/Facebook

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