Your Dog, PTSD and Getting Help

It isn’t uncommon for someone with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to get a dog. PTSD is one of the few mental illnesses triggering anxiety and other symptoms in response to external events.  Real life triggers create their own set of unique challenges and opportunities. We exist in a world full of everyday anxiety which triggers … [Read more…]

Why is My Puppy Not Eating

Ohhhh puppies!!!!  They are such simple yet complex little creatures of unconditional love. They can also be busy and a bit fickle when it comes to eating. I remember picking up my current female dog, a long trip to West Virginia from Georgia and offering her an early morning tater tot, she immediately thought I … [Read more…]

The Best Dog Supplements Guide

More and more pet owners are using dog supplements to help their dogs live healthier, longer and more active lives. Most supplements are the same vitamins and minerals that humans use but are designed for easier digestion through the dog’s digestive tract. The question becomes whether supplements are required for your dog’s health or just … [Read more…]

Littermate Syndrome

I love puppies!  I absolutely LOVE puppies.  In some ways, I LIVE for puppies.  I have made a career out of puppy and dog training for the past 25 years. I even love being smothered at the bottom of a litter of delightful, lovable puppy pile. When my breeder friends breed a litter of literally … [Read more…]