Car Jacked Dog Reunited With Dog Dad Thanks To GPS And Police Force

Mike Reed popped into a convenience store in East Cleveland the night before Thanksgiving. His ever-present side kick, a Miniature Schnauzer named Franz, waited inside the car. When Mike came out, he was faced with a terrifying situation. A man standing next to Mike’s car demanded the keys. At gunpoint. What unfolded over the next few days was a holiday drama that no one should have to endure.

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Mike informed the armed man that his dog was inside the car and begged the gunman to allow him to take him out. The gunman aimed the gun at Mike and told him to give him the keys. Frightened beyond belief, he complied and watched, horrified as the car jacker drove off with his beloved dog inside the car.

Mike did not rest the entire night. He was terribly worried about Franz’s safety. It was a cold 20 degrees and he worried that the car jacker would just dump Franz somewhere outside. Mike knew Franz would be scared and may hide somewhere, such as under a porch, making a recovery even more difficult. Through tears he told Fox 8 News that all he wanted was for Franz to be returned safely. He was desperately worried for Franz’s well-being.

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Friends began sharing the story on social media and it spread widely in an attempt to get Franz back. Franz has a distinct mohawk that runs along the entire length of his body. That detail would make it easier to spot Franz and distinguish him from other Miniature Schnauzers. Mike and his supporters posted fliers far and wide, spreading the word of Franz’s situation.

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Meanwhile, the East Cleveland and Cleveland police forces were working hard to track down the car jacker, the car, and little lost Franz. Mike’s car was equipped with a GPS tracking device. Police used that technology to locate the car in East Cleveland. Inside the home, police questioned and later arrested a 23 year old man for aggravated robbery and grand theft auto. When questioned about Franz, the suspect finally admitted that he had decided to keep Franz for himself and showed the officers where he was hiding the dog.

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Mike and Franz were reunited as soon as possible and Mike could not have been more relieved. He said that he looks at Franz like a son and felt absolutely lost without him. He expressed sincere immense gratitude to the investigators, whose smart police work helped track down his special boy.

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