Brazilian Woman and Her Adopted Pup Rely on the Kindness of a Stranger

Maria Luiza Valcazara, a young woman in Brazil, decided it was time to adopt herself a pup. She had moved into an apartment of her very own and wanted some companionship. She found a fast friend for life in a cute black rescue named Chips. They were very happy together.

Image with permission Maria Luiza Valcazara

Unfortunately, Chips was not happy at all when they were apart. The little love suffered from separation anxiety when Maria left him home alone. He would wail and cry and howl until she returned home.

Maria hadn’t yet met her neighbors in the adjacent apartments so she was very surprised to come home one day and find a package and letter at her doorstep. At first she was a bit nervous wondering who would have left something at her door. Her worry was eased when she saw it was actually addressed to Chips and was “from” another dog, Corote.

Image with permission Maria Luiza Valcazara

Translated from Portuguese, the letter reads:

Hi, my friend. 

I’ve noticed that you’ve been crying a lot when you’re alone, and I’ve been through this phase. 

I talked to my mom yesterday and together we decided to give you these toys, so you have a distraction when you feel alone.

I’m here to make you an invitation: I live alone with Mom and, because of that, I have a room of my own to horse around in as much as I want, so you can spend some time here with me! We can do a lot of partying together!!! 

We hope you enjoy the things we gave you! 

Many kisses from Corote and of my mother Nichole.

Maria was so touched to see that not only did her neighbor Nichole care enough to bring them a package filled with dog toys, she was willing to open her home to Chips as a daily playmate for her dog, Corote. Maria quickly arranged a meet and greet with Nichole and their dogs.

Image with permission Maria Luiza Valcazara

Right away the dogs got along great, romping around the apartment together. Nichole also offered to share some pointers to Maria about easing Chips’s separation anxiety.

Image with permission Maria Luiza Valcazara

The humans and the pups hit if off so well, in fact, that they meet regularly to have playdates. And Maria has implemented some of the methods Nichole recommended and Chips is feeling more secure when left home alone.

Image with permission Maria Luiza Valcazara

This story reminds us that sometimes we should rely on the kindness of strangers. You never know. They may become lifelong friends.

Featured Image with permission Maria Luiza Valcazara

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