Abused Dog Rescued By Dedicated Anaheim Officer

It was just a day at work for Anaheim police officer Flora Glenn when a black Labrador named ‘Flea’ came into her life. She never expected they’d end up family members. The dog in question just escaped a cruel predicament. Earlier, officers arrested a man witnesses reported abusing him. Animal-lover Flora naturally felt concern for the poor pup.

“I asked Officer Esqueda, who brought him in, ‘Hey, who’s that yelling?’ And he said, ‘Oh yeah that’s the guy we arrested for beating that dog.’”

Officer Glenn heard the reports earlier that night but had been assigned patrol in another district.

“I noticed people kept calling. People were reporting that he was punching the dog in the head and that the guy wouldn’t get off [the dog.] Witnesses waited for police get there because they really thought he was going to kill this dog.”

“We Have To Adopt Him”

The pup was taken for x-rays and medical examination. If he was healthy, he would later go up for adoption. While treating the poor dog, animal control also noticed a healing wound on his back that appeared to be caused by a screwdriver.

Since Flora wasn’t the arresting officer, she wanted to know if the dog was okay. She contacted animal control to ask about him, where she learned his breed: Labrador.


Kiva, the family’s chocolate Labrador had recently died at 14-years-old. The loss devastated Flora and her daughter, who didn’t think they could ever have another Lab in their life. Once she met Flea, Flora started to think she just might be able to do that.

“I was like, OK, don’t give up on Labradors. I came home and I told my daughter about Flea and how I wanted to adopt him and that he was a Lab and she’s like, ‘Mom, we have to adopt him.’”

When she inquired, animal control informed Flora that animals are adopted on a first come, first serve basis and they couldn’t hold him for her. However, if she was first in line once the dog went up for adoption he could be hers.

Now they just needed to convince Flora’s husband Lorenzo Glenn, also an Anaheim officer. During the two weeks the pup remained at animal control, Flora took Lorenzo to see Flea.

“He just stood there with his arms crossed. I go, ‘Hey, so can we get him?’ and he goes, ‘Well, you’re going to do it anyway’ and I just kind of smiled because he was right.”

‘Rebel’ Is Home

In January 2018, Flora brought Flea home. The family decided to re-name him ‘Rebel.’ Right away Rebel knew he liked his new family. He immediately won over the stubborn Lorenzo.

“So, we bring Rebel home and you know how dogs pick their person? He picked my husband of course. On the first night Rebel slept in a bed next to my husband all night, now he’s the first one to greet him when he comes home. He loves Rebel.”

Thanks to these compassionate officers, a dog who only knew abuse now knows nothing but love.

“He’s a very aware dog but he’s very loving, probably the most loving dog I’ve ever had and had the privilege of having as part of our little family.”

If you witness any acts of animal cruelty, report the information and any supporting evidence to your local police and humane society or animal control! You could save a life.

H/T: Behind The Badge
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