Your Purchases Helped Land Hogan and Timmy in New Homes

When natural disasters strike, rescue groups mobilize. One of the ways they prepare to save the lives of pets in the affected area is to relocate pets already in shelters to nearby states. Doing this makes space in the local shelters for all the pets that will become displaced because of the natural disaster.

Before Hurricane Barry made landfall, Wings of Rescue loaded up 150 at-risk animals from shelters in Mississippi and Louisiana and flew them to nearby states to be placed no-kill shelters. This mission was made possible by a grant from Greater Good, which was funded by iHeartDogs through your purchases!

Two of the precious fur babies on these flights were Hogan and Timmy. Thanks to YOU, these pups have started new lives in loving homes.

Hogan Found a Family in New Jersey

Hogan is a three–year–old Chihuahua who was found in a drain in Starkville, Mississippi. He was flown to Morristown, New Jersey on a Wings of Rescue flight thanks to a grant funded by the community. Hogan was quickly adopted from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center by a young couple. He is now living in the lap of luxury, literally. Most of the time, you can find him curled up, content to be sitting on their laps.

Timmy, Better Than a Winning Lottery Ticket

Timmy was also on a Wings of Rescue flight made possible through donations from the community. He is a two–month–old puppy whose litter was abandoned in McComb, Mississippi. Before the hurricane hit land, he was flown to Georgetown, Delaware. His new story started when he was adopted in no time. His family says they won the lottery with Timmy!

About Wings of Rescue

Wings of Rescue helps transport animals from high-risk or high-intake shelters to safer places. They cut transportation time significantly, which saves lives of those animals in need of medical interventions. Ground transport can take 24 hours or more, leading to pets being stuck in a crate without any food, water or walks for far too long. Most of their flights are completed within 3 to 4 hours, which is far easier for the animals to tolerate. 

Their work is funded completely from donations and the incredible generosity of their volunteer pilots. They work with no-kill shelters and rescue groups across North America.

Thanks to our partnership with Greater Good, your purchases on iHeartDogs helps save lives, feed dogs, and bring happy endings to the lives of these adorable pups in need through the Second Chance Movement.

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