Triceratops Casually Walks A Dog

Okay, nobody freak out, but somebody spotted a dinosaur roaming the streets in Ottawa City. Fortunately, the dinosaur is a herbivore: a Triceratops. Even more fortunate: it’s just a person walking their dog in a very convincing Triceratops costume.

Despite the coronavirus keeping us in our homes, our dogs still need their daily walks. According to the CDC, the best way to prevent COVID-19 infection is by keeping at least 6 feet away from other people. The best way to prevent spreading the illness (even if you show no symptoms) is to cover your nose and mouth when around others. So yes, this self-contained face-covering costume is sort of like a giant face mask. But handwashing, avoiding contact, and not touching your face are the most important.

Screenshot, @SandySharkey/Twitter

Luckily, photographer Sandy Sharkey had her phone out when these two went by.

“The sight of this duo made me laugh hysterically and I needed to get it on video so I followed them for a bit. It was amazing how quickly this Triceratops could walk!”

Yes, I looked it up, and the costume comes from the Jurassic World franchise. Online it retails for $80-$120. Seems like a worthwhile investment!

The dog at the other end of the Triceratops’ leash doesn’t seem to mind being walked by a dinosaur. Except for a brief moment when he has to duck out of the way of an inflatable tail. Otherwise, he’s just happy to be on his walk.

Screenshot, @SandySharkey/Twitter

Sandy Sharkey told Narcity she hopes the funny footage of this doggie Dino walk uplifts people who need it now.

“The pandemic gives us stories every day. Stories of sadness, loss, devastation, struggle, but also courage, hope, and humour. I am very grateful that the Triceratops and his furry friend marched down the street that day, and that I was lucky enough to capture and share this funny moment.”

The video itself Sharkey dedicated on Twitter to front line workers “who need a smile.” Watch the unusual pair taking their stroll below:

These dinosaur and dog duo walks might actually be becoming a trend. Others have taken to the streets with their pups in T-Rex costumes. Dog people have really found ways to get creative during this whole thing.

Keep practicing social distancing and stay safe, especially in entertaining creative ways like this! Videos like Sharkey’s really help.

H/T: Narcity
Featured Image: Screenshot, @SandySharkey/Twitter

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