Tiny Pup Overcomes Case of Severe Neglect. What A Survivor!

Warning: this is a tale of severe neglect. Despite the traumatic subject, there is a happy ending for an inspiring, brave, and fierce Chihuahua named Mia. This sweet girl survived unimaginable neglect and cruelty from her human. Thankfully, this dog received treatment before something irreversible happened.

Mia survives neglect
​Source: Tails of a Shelter Vet YouTube

One Tough Pup

The employees at the San Jose Animal Care Center were shocked to meet Mia. Her human brought her to their clinic in dire straits. Emaciated and weak, the tiny dog appeared on the verge of a horrible fate. The workers wondered what happened to her.

Soon they found out that three weeks earlier, Mia’s human brought her to a veterinarian. The doctor diagnosed her with pyometra, an infected uterus. She needed emergency surgery. After the procedure, Mia’s doctor recommended a transfusion. Her human declined it.

A few days later, Mia’s human returned to the vet. What happened next was shocking. The human snuck Mia out of the hospital without paying her bills or getting discharge information. Concerned, the doctors called San Jose Animal Services and requested they check on Mia.

Thank goodness they did. The officers forced Mia’s human to bring her into San Jose Anicaml Care for treatment.

Mia on the road to recovery with her doctorMia on the road to recovery with her doctor
​Source: Tails of a Shelter Vet YouTube

Help When She Needed It Most

In the three weeks that passed since Mia’s surgery, she lost 25% of her weight. The doctors found Mia pale, lethargic, and dehydrated. Her bones were clearly visible. Simply heartbreaking. When Mia’s human failed to give Mia the care she needed, Animal Services stepped in and removed Mia from her care.

Not a moment too soon!

At a San Jose shelter, her new doctors diagnosed Mia with anemia. At that time, Mia weighed three pounds and barely ate. A nurse started hand-feeding the pup, and thankfully she started eating.

Within two weeks, Mia gained 30% of her body weight back. She started showing signs of a cuddly, loving personality. One of her favorite activities was burrowing underneath a blanket. The shelter volunteers taught her to walk on a leash. She gained more than two pounds and was no longer anemic. You go, girl!

Once Mia was off medication, Dr. Tyson, one of the shelter’s vets, fostered the dog.

Mia cuddling under a blanketMia cuddling under a blanket
​Source: Tails of a Shelter Vet YouTube

Dr. Tyson started bringing Mia into the office. She became fast friends with everyone she met. Mia could often be found walking around the office wagging her tail. The pup went on adventures with clinic staff and learned to walk confidently on a leash. After seven months in the clinic’s care, Mia found her forever home.

This strong, survivor rehabilitated from a dog on the verge of death to a fiercely sweet pup. We love this story of a fighter and her wonderful caretakers. Watch Mia’s transformation below.

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Featured Image c/o Tails of a Shelter Vet YouTube

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