This Little Girls “Pup” Was Very Sick. One Special Vet Answered This Unique Call.

Some people go the extra mile to be kind to others. We love this story of a goodhearted veterinarian who taught a young girl the importance of compassion. When a South African woman put out a call on her local Facebook group to treat her daughter’s toy dog, she was delighted with the results.

Can Anyone Help a Dog In Need?

The story begins with a Facebook post. Amanda Le Roux of Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, wrote in a private group that her daughter’s dog needed a doctor’s attention. The catch? Amanda’s four-year-old daughter Lemieke had a toy dog.

Initially, Le Roux thought someone might play veterinarian in response to her request. To her surprise, a practicing doctor responded and agreed to treat the patient. Dr. Tammy McNair at Seadoone Veterinary Clinic volunteered her time. The clinic’s website describes Dr. Tammy as “a compassionate veterinarian, who prides herself in patient wellbeing, as well as the understanding of emotions expressed by pet owners who visit her clinic in times of need.” We agree with that sentiment!

The Doctor Is In

Once Le Roux and Dr. Tammy finalized the details, her husband called to make the appointment. Shortly after, Lemieke tucked her dog Marshall into a pet carrier. Then they were off to the clinic!

Before they arrived, Lemieke announced that she was feeling shy and didn’t want to tell the vet what was wrong. At first, Lemieke was nervous, but she flourished under Dr. Tammy’s attention. Le Roux described their interaction on Facebook.

“Dr. Tammy was amazing! Lemieke told me beforehand she’s to shy to tell the doctor what’s wrong with Marshall, but after Dr. Tammy started her checkup Lemieke wasn’t shy anymore. She answered all the questions.”

Marshall received a complete physical. First Dr. Tammy checked his heart and breathing. All good! Then, she took his temperature and checked his eyes. They were in great shape, too. After her thorough assessment, Dr. Tammy asked permission to provide injections. Lemieke, a true dog mom, agreed to the necessary vaccines. Marshall got two injections, one for pain and another one with antibiotics.

It was a wonderful experience for the precocious four-year-old. After the appointment, Lemieke was thrilled with the experience. Le Roux summarized the visit on Facebook.

“My daughter walked away smiling from ear to ear. Thank you Dr. Tammy for making such a big impression on my daughter and for taking a few minutes out of your very busy schedule to assist a young girl. You are one in a million!”

We love this inspiring story of community and kindness. Way to go, Dr. Tammy!

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Featured Image: Amanda Le Roux Facebook

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