Thanks To You, Fern Is Off The Streets Now

Part of every sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to GreaterGood, which helps support various charities like START Rescue. Stories like the one below are made possible with your help! Check out all the animals iHeartDogs fans and shoppers like you have helped save here.

After living as a stray on the street, little Fern ended up at the Porterville Shelter in California. Through divine intervention, START Rescue selected her for transport out of this high-risk area to Oregon. Once up northwest, Fern ended up at Oregon Dog Rescue. A no-kill shelter outside of Portland, Oregon Dog Rescue is one of START’s partner receiving organizations.

Fern found her forever home from there, and will never ever look back on her life as a stray. Her new family absolutely loves to pamper her.

“Fern has been such a joy to have. She has the cutest, most bubbly personality. She is sweet, sensitive, and smart. Within the first two months, she could sit, stay, shake, lay down, rollover, and dance. She goes everywhere with us, sleeps in the bed, and is spoiled rotten. She loves the dog park too. Thank you so much; we love her to pieces.”

Just look at this precious gal and imagine her living on the streets. It just doesn’t seem right.

START Rescue does the important work to change so many dogs’ outcomes. Thanks for supporting us so we can support them!

Why Transport To The Pacific Northwest?

The simple answer is that Oregon and Washington states are less populated than California. This region lacks the out-of-control animal population that California’s overcrowded shelters and homeless strays indicate.

According to START Rescue’s website:

“Because Oregon and Washington are not oversaturated with unwanted, abandoned and homeless pets, our Rescue Partners are quite successful in adopting out our transported passengers to loving forever homes. Simply stated, our Rescue Partners “need” dogs (and cats) as much as we need, and we are grateful to them.”

START transports monthly to vetted contracted partners in the Pacific Northwest. The rescued animals usually come from California shelters and rescuers in Mexico.

The whole process begins when START provides their Rescue Partners with links to the inventory of at-risk animals. Then, those Rescue Partners make their choices for the upcoming transport.  The dogs are examined and receive all vaccinations prior to loading up on a truck. 

Once they arrive, the NW shelters work on rehoming these formerly doomed animals!

Help START Save More Dogs Like Fern

Through The Second Chance Movement, provides grants to several benefiting charities that provide both air and ground transports from high-kill shelters. This includes START Rescue. In other words, you can support their important work through iHD!

Your purchases through the iHeartDogs store help the Second Chance Movement provide miles of transport from high-risk shelters to safety for dogs like sweet Fern. You can view all eligible products at iHeartDogs or make a direct donation here!

Images courtesy of START Rescue.

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