Teacher Dies While Trying To Rescue Her Dog That Fell Through Ice Into Freezing Pond

A Colorado teacher unfortunately lost her life after a heroic attempt to save her beloved companion that fell through the ice into a freezing pond. After extraordinary efforts to save her life, she passed away days later while surrounded by her family. Her dog passed away as well.

53-year-old Leslie Webster was walking her dog near a pond behind her place of work at the Colorado Academy. It’s unclear exactly what happened in these tragic moments, but according to Leslie’s husband that was standing nearby, their dog fell through a weak portion of the ice-covered pond. Leslie immediately ran to her dog’s aid, causing the ice to crumble underneath her as well.

“On Sunday Leslie was walking her dog on our school’s campus. We are a preK-12 private school with a large campus and Leslie and her family live close. Her dog ran out onto the ice of the pond on campus. Leslie either attempted to get him back or to pull him out of the water and she fell in. The center of the pond has an aeration system so it isn’t frozen but the rest had a layer of ice.” – Friend of Leslie

ice rescue

Due to the fragility of the ice, her husband had no other choice but to wait for emergency responders to arrive at the scene. The rescue team arrived within minutes, and the severity of the situation quickly set in.

Rescuers describe the ice as being about 2 inches thick, but would easily crumble with each step the rescue team took. Despite the dangerous conditions of the area, the rescue team was able to remove both Leslie and her dog from the icy waters within minutes of their arrival.

“Within two minutes of arrival, firefighters had reached the woman, and were able to get her out of the water, despite the extremely thin, crumbling ice. They then rescued the dog.” – Rescue officials

Leslie was immediately rushed to a local hospital while her beloved companion was taken to a nearby emergency animal hospital. While Leslie was fighting for her life on the other side of town, her dog passed away due to the effects of extreme hypothermia.

Our family appreciates the outpouring of love and support that has been shown to us during this time. We love the many…

Posted by Colorado Academy on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

From the moment Leslie arrived at the Denver hospital, doctors gave their all in attempt to save her life. After multiple surgeries and supportive ICU care, Leslie experienced cardiac arrest that caused her to lose her life. She passed away in the arms of her loved ones.

“Our hearts break today to share the sad news that, this morning, we said goodbye to our mother, wife, sister-in-law, aunt, best friend, colleague, co-worker, and confidante, Leslie Webster. She passed away with all of us at her side. She fought an amazing and courageous fight over the last several days. Even in the midst of physical pain and struggle, her light and her spirit remain with us. Our grief is beyond measure, but we are so grateful for your outpouring of support. It is both comforting and overwhelming, to know the number of lives she touched.” – Leslie’s family

Our hearts are broken for those that loved Leslie, as many of us can understand Leslie’s dedication to her furry friend in those desperate moments. We are sending our love during this difficult time.

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Image Source:Supportive Group For Leslie

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