Sweet Dog Running Out of Time is Transported to No-Kill Shelter Where She Slowly Learns to Trust

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Sissy is an adorable French Bulldog/Terrier mix. Someone surrendered her to Anderson County Humane Society. Sissy exhibited significant fear issues, particularly around men, so thanks to a grant from GreaterGood.org funded by the iHeartDogs.com community, she arrived on transport to the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), which has a behavioral rehabilitation program for shy shelter dogs.

The KHS staff helped Sissy gain confidence, especially around strangers. The staff started playing a fun game called “look at that” with Sissy, waiting for her to look at a stranger or a man she has never met before, then rewarding her for simply looking. This helped Sissy change how she viewed men as she looked forward to getting treats. The staff then taught Sissy a greeting pattern called “go say hi.” When cued, she would approach the stranger, tag her nose on the palm of their outstretched hand, then return to her handler for treats and praise. This allowed Sissy to choose when she was ready to linger near the person and solicit attention from them.

After a few weeks receiving behavioral assistance, Sissy was comfortable enough to join a volunteer with “Date with a Dog,” which gives shelter dogs breaks from the shelter during short field trips. Sissy did exceptionally well on her “date” with Annette, and they enjoyed the afternoon watching Netflix together. Sissy was released from b-mod after this, and quickly found a loving home!

This sweet rescue happened because of you! Your purchases from the Second Chance Movement Collection in the iHeartDogs store fund miles of transport from high-risk shelters to safety for dogs like Sissy!

Provides 5 Miles of Transport From High Risk Shelters to Safety

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