Senior Living Residents Have Different Plans For Dog Set To Be Euthanized

A dog in Virginia didn’t quite know love until she was adopted by a senior living facility.

A six-year-old pup by the name of Journey was found by Amy Creel with Knine Rescue in Montgomery County, Maryland. Journey had been kept in a cage her entire life and she ended up in an overcrowded shelter after her owner died.

Fate Intervenes Just in Time

Creel found her just in the nick of time. Journey was scheduled to be euthanized that very day but fate had other plans. Creel didn’t know what she would do with Journey so she decided to take her to an adoption event at Sunrise Senior Living of Chevy Chase. The shy pup had a fun-filled day of walking around and greeting people with some friendly sniffs and tail wags.

As the day came to an end, one of the staff members of Sunrise Senior Living thought the happy girl should stay a little longer. Forever, to be exact!

Posted by Sunrise Senior Living on Monday, August 26, 2019

The Facility Grew by Four Paws

The once shy Journey walked into the facility like she owned the place. She went from living in a cage with very little interaction to having an entire community of people showing her love and attention. The residents adore her.

“Journey is just perfect. Every senior group should adopt a dog,” resident Beth Mauser said.

Mauser got her first dog at 78-years-old and now at 80, she adores sweet Journey.

Residents exchange hugs and kisses with Journey as she wanders the halls. In addition to the new family of residents, Journey also has a new sibling- a black cat who kindly shares the residents’ attention with Journey.

“It’s so exciting to see all the experiences that she’s having now because she’s never had a lot of walks or all this love. You’d think she was trained to be a service dog, and she wasn’t,” a staff member told WTOP News.

A New Trend Filled with Belly Rubs and Lots of Love

Creel says she would really like to place more dogs with senior living facilities. Not only do the dogs get a stable and loving home, but it brings a different kind of love for seniors who often report feeling lonely. Dogs show compassion and comradery that rivals any human bond.

Dogs offer seniors more than emotional benefits. They have also been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and encourage seniors to be more active. It sounds like a no brainer!

h/t: WTOP News
Featured Photo: Knine Rescue

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