RIP PSD Axle: Ottawa Police Bid Farewell to Beloved Service Dog

The Ottawa police force laid to rest one of their brothers in arms. Axle, a German Shepherd, passed away at 14-years-old. He was a member of the canine unit for nine years.

According to the Ottawa Sun, the city police has 11 dogs in their canine unit.

German Shepherds are often police dogs. They have more than a century’s experience as working dogs. The German Shepherd Dog Club of America said, “[The first German Shepherd was a] working sheepherder, requiring no training other than direction and finish to become proficient at the task.” They were bred to be watchdogs, guardians, and herding dogs.

We have to echo what the Ottawa police said in their tweet: rest easy, Axle. You were a tremendous asset to your city and you will be missed.

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H/T Ottawa Citizen
Featured Image: Ottawa Citizen

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