Relatable Dog Has ‘Existential Crisis’ In Holiday Photos

Having your dogs join in on holiday photos can be a difficult task. Getting them to all sit still and look at the camera can be a nightmare, but the cute photos are well worth the extra time and effort. For one woman, her Christmas photos are not only adorable memories, but they’re hilarious viral photos. That’s because while one of her dogs is extremely photogenic, the other dog always has a look of concern when he’s faced with a camera.

Opiee is an extremely happy dog. For all his Christmas photos, he makes an adorable expression and often appears as if he’s smiling. However, his sister Mika is the complete opposite. Whenever their mom gets them together for an adorable Christmas photo, Opiee smiles while Mika looks like she’s having an existential crisis.

Image: @laurenncarterr/Twitter

In their recent holiday photo, their mom shared it on Twitter with this caption: 

“Took my dogs to take their yearly Christmas photos. It’s really hard when you have one super photogenic dog and one dog having an existential crisis.”

Image: @laurenncarterr/Twitter

Years of Holiday Photos

These hilarious expressions were not just a one time thing. Apparently in every photo they take, Opiee always poses while Mika stares into the distance longingly.

Image: @laurenncarterr/Twitter 

Their mom says that’s just how they’ve always been. Mika’s always been the serious one while Opiee’s been the energetic little brother. They compliment each other very well. Mika’s a very happy dog, but her face just doesn’t show it like Opiee’s does.

Despite their differences when it comes to posing for cameras, Opiee and Mika love each other very much. They’re always with each other, and sometimes, Mika’s seriousness even rubs off on Opiee. On a rare occasion, Opiee’s cheerfulness rubs off on Mika as well.

Image: @laurenncarterr/Twitter

Since their hilarious photo was posted, people have shared it over and over again on social media. It has been made into memes, and many dog lovers are sharing the hilarious expressions of their own dogs in holiday photos too.

“I’m telling ya’ll, she has a very classic ‘did I leave the stove on?’ type of face 24/7.” posted their mom.

Nothing brings dog parents together like a dog making a silly expression. The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone and Mika’s face shows what many of us are thinking this time of year. Hopefully, Opiee and Mika’s mom will be sharing an even more adorable and hilarious photo next year!

Image: @laurenncarterr/Twitter


Featured Image: @laurenncarterr/Twitter

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