Puppy With Special Needs Captures Everyone’s Heart

Michelle Thomas had no idea how much one tiny foster puppy would change her life. What started out as an innocent puppy thrown out of a truck due to her special appearance, would be a pup that brings light to so many lives!

A couple years ago, a good Samaritan witnessed a puppy being thrown from a truck window. The small puppy was immediately brought to animal control, where they soon realized just how special she was.

As a puppy, she just looked a bit “off.” They weren’t quite sure what it was that set her apart from other puppies, but they knew they had to find her a foster home that would look after her as if she were her own.

Michelle Thomas, a foster with the New Life Dog Rescue (NLDR), came rushing to this special pup’s aid when she heard of her arrival. She made the 4 hour drive from Tampa to Miami in order to scoop her up, as she had an overwhelming feeling that she belonged in her home. She would soon bring Delta home, who has been named after the red airline blanket she was wrapped in on her arrival, and find that she was the missing piece in her home.

When Delta was 4 months old, she appeared to have stopped growing. Aside from her stunted growth was her hoarse breathing, and how difficult it seemed for her to consume a whole meal. Thomas then started the lengthy process of getting to the bottom of her mysterious illness.

After extensive testing, Delta was diagnosed with Canine Dwarfism. Aside from this diagnosis, she also discovered that she suffered from brachycephalic syndrome, and would need a specialty surgery to help her breathe easier. With the help of NLDR, they were able to raise the funds for her surgery, and all other follow up care that she would require.

Now, Delta is living the best life a pup could ask for! She spends her days swimming in her favorite pool, going on walks with her mom and socializing with the town, and playing with her favorite stuffed unicorn toy. She even has a giant blow up unicorn in her yard!

No matter her differences, Delta has a fierce love for life. Thomas has made sure to share her story as much as possible; as she believes Delta is an incredible inspiration to so many.

No matter what life throws your way, it never has to defeat you!  Delta sure has followed this motto, and continues to bring a smile to everyone’s face that she meets!

We are so happy that we get to watch sweet Delta grow up in her loving home!

H/T: msn.com

Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/deltaabouttown/

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