Pup Hears Favorite Song – He Can’t Help But Sing Along

Imagine you’re at a wedding and the DJ starts playing your favorite song. You can’t help but sing along and dance, right? Well, one Australian Shepherd is no different. When his tune comes on the radio it brings Oakley to life.

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That’s my jam!

What’s one of the smartest dog breeds? Many people believe Australian Shepherds are extremely intelligent. Perhaps that intelligence extends to knowledge of music because our friend Oakley knows his favorite song even after only hearing the first few notes.

In this video, the pup happily snoozes in the backseat of his human’s car. In the background, the viewer can hear another song playing. Oakley is relaxed, unbothered by the gentle background noise.

All of a sudden, the first few bars of the widely known “Let It Go” from the Frozen movie begins to softly play. Within moments, Oakley perks up. His beautiful multi-colored eyes pop open with excitement. Sleep is forgotten and his ears flair backward in recognition.

Oakley tilts his head as if he is trying to hear the song better. His joy is unmistakable. It’s HIS song! The smart pup begins to howl along. He’s ready to join a choir. We bet if Oakley could go to a karaoke bar, he would perform “Let It Go”.

As soon as the song ends, Oakley stops singing. He recognized the song ended. Oakley’s attention wanes. In fact, the sweet pup actually yawns and cuddles into himself for another nap. The only music that can capture his attention is Adina Menzel’s harmonies.

Watch Oakley perform his Frozen concert below and try not to smile!

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Featured Image: HuffPost Canada Living

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