Proof: Couples Who Love Dogs Together, Stay Together

The results of an exciting new survey by the folks at reveals that when it comes to love between humans, dogs make a big difference. The online pet care service provider released an analysis of data from their large organization of pet care companies. They called the report The Anatomy of Dog Love Report. It’s full of all kinds of affirming information about love, dogs, and dog-loving humans.

Rover Set Out to Find the Connection Between Dog and Human Love is the world’s largest network of pet care providers. They took data from that large pool of providers to look into the “science behind why dogs and humans love each other and how pets impact our romantic relationships.” The survey asks readers, “Did you know that including a dog in your dating profile pic makes you more attractive? Or that getting a dog improves your relationship with your partner?” 

Looking for Love? Snap a Selfie with Your Puppy

If you are in the online dating world you want to find potential matches that mesh well with you. That’s the whole point, right? The world is full of people that are dog people, and those that are not. Showing which side of the fence you stand on can help separate you from the pack and score dates with like-minded dog lovers. It doesn’t even matter all that much if you are pictured with your own dog or a dog buddy. Here are some interesting stats from the survey:

  • 72% of survey respondents said “adding a photo of you and your dog to your dating profile makes you more appealing
  • 52% of respondents would still go out with someone after learning the dog in their profile photos was not their dog compared to only 29% who wouldn’t

Already in Love? Deepen Your Relationship with a Dog’s Love

For those of you already in a bonded relationship with a human, having a dog together can be very beneficial to the health of your relationship. Dogs give you a reason to get out and do things together. They also give you a reason to cuddle close! Having one jointly makes people feel like a real family, which strengthens the bond between all members, humans included. The survey revealed this heart-warming stats about love with a dog:

  • 56% of people in a relationship say they spend more time together because of their dog
  • 71% of respondents say they found their partner more attractive after witnessing their partner care for their dog
  • 86% of people said that having a dog together made them feel like a family unit
  • 67% of respondents said that having a dog increased their confidence in their own parenting skills and that of their partner

Dogs bring love to our lives. We know that already! It’s great to see even more science-backed data in support of the positive role they play in our lives, even in romantic relationships.

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