Partially Blind Homeless Dog Sees Again Thanks To Rescuers

Rescuers never know what surprises they may encounter when they attend to a homeless dog. The rescue group Hope for Paws were called to a residence to save a dog who had been hiding in the bushes for a number of days. The rescue was made challenging by unseen issues with the little dog’s health.

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The Poodle Mix Was Found Nestled in a Bush

The rescuer arrived on the scene. He is heard on the video remarking that the homeowner who called Hope for Paws said that the small white dog had been sleeping in the bushes. The rescuer looked around the yard for just a minute or two before spotting the curled up dog. Talking very gently, he let the dog know he was there but the dog was not convinced that the man meant him no harm. The little dog showed his teeth to warn the rescuer not to come closer.

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The Dog Snapped at Everything Around Him

As the rescuer attempted to get closer to the dog, the dog snapped at the leaves above his head. The rescuer moved a gentle snare towards the dog and the dog bit at the gentle lead. The dog was clearly afraid and the rescuer was afraid the dog was injured. When dogs are hit by a car, for example, they seek refuge and tend to get aggressive when someone attempts to move them. Pain is a common source of such aggressive behavior. The rescuer managed to get the gentle snare around the dog’s neck and began petting him with the lead.

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The Dog Began Trusting the Rescuer

As the rescuer stroked the little dog’s head with the end of the gentle snare, the dog began to trust his rescuer. The rescuer named him Dolittle because the dog wanted to bite him a lot, but didn’t bite him at all. In order to assess the dog for injuries, the rescuer gently led Dolittle away from the bush. Dolittle moved reluctantly but did not seem to feel any pain. This was very encouraging. Now that the dog was out in the open, the rescuer could see him more clearly and felt confident that he was uninjured. After about 30 minutes, Dolittle laid down near his rescuer’s lap and allowed the rescuer to pet his head. Dolittle visibly relaxed under the man’s gentle touch.

The Rescuer Realized Dolittle was Visually Impaired

The rescuer took Dolittle to the groomer to get cleaned up and clipped. This is when he realized that Dolittle could not see very well. Once this was realized, the dog’s behavior in the bushes made more sense. Many homeless dogs display fear and aggression toward their rescuers. Of course Dolittle was defensive! Not being able to see what is happening around you is scary!

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Surgery Corrected the Dog’s Vision

Thanks to donations from supporters of Hope for Paws, Dolittle received surgery to correct his vision. COVID-19 prevented Hope for Paws from filming inside the vet hospital. They were able to shoe Dolittle running and playing with his newfound vision. What a difference! From scared and unable to see clearly to romping around, unable to believe his eyes, Dolittle was ready for anything!

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Featured Image Screenshot Hope for Paws/YouTube

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