Does Your Dog Hate Car Rides? Try These Tips

For many dogs, the jingling of car keys signifies excitement and adventure. But for others, the same sound inspires pure dread. Travel anxiety and car sickness often go hand-in-hand, making even the shortest trip a potential nightmare. Luckily, there are several ways you can help your pup relax and enjoy the ride! Motion sickness is … [Read more…]

Dog & Abandoned Baby Moose Become “Fast Friends”

Advertisement It’s not every day you find a moose in your backyard. But Shannon Lugdon, who lives in northern Maine, is one of the few people who can say it happened to her! Now, anyone who knows anything about these majestic animals knows that they’re big, and can get aggressive if they’re feeling threatened. That’s why, … [Read more…]

14 Things That Every Person Who Loves Their Dog Has Done

Advertisement Okay, so sometimes we do things with our dogs that aren’t the most conventional. But that’s because we love them oh-so-much, right? For us, dogs are family…and as anyone knows, families do some funny things together. Have you done any–or all–of these things with your dog?? Chances are, you’re going to say “yes” to most of … [Read more…]

Review: PetPlate Dog Food Delivery Service (2018)

[embedded content] Preparing fresh food for your dog can be time consuming, and it’s difficult to create recipes that provide complete and balanced nutrition for your pet. The PetPlate Dog Food delivery service brings freshly cooked, ready to eat meals right to your dog. These meals are made with human-quality ingredients and specifically formulated for … [Read more…]