Tesla Announces Launch Of Dog Drivable Car

Elon Musk is quite possibly one of the greatest visionaries of our time. First, Tesla introduced electric cars that looked like something straight from the year 3000. Then they launched that car into space while playing an infinite loop of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Next came that weird, robotic looking pick-up truck that may not … [Read more…]

Adopt Or Foster During COVID To Get Free Busch Beer!

Animal shelters and rescues have closed their doors and canceled adoption events due to the coronavirus. However, that hasn’t stopped new dogs from arriving. With fewer ways to find homes for adoptable dogs, these organizations need all the help they can get. Many rescues are encouraging dog lovers to adopt and foster during these tough … [Read more…]

UPDATE: Scout The Super Bowl Star Has Passed Away

Scout is a lucky Golden Retriever that first had his moment in the spotlight during his dad’s WeatherTech Super Bowl Ad in 2019. He and his dad, David MacNeil, had a special bond, and MacNeil often referred to Scout as his “spokescanine.” It was all fun and games until Scout was diagnosed with an aggressive … [Read more…]