Grumpy Dog Pouts When He Can’t Play Fetch

Some dog parents find it amusing or fun to tease their dogs with toys. The classic fake throw is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but squeaking a toy without giving it to your dog is equally as deceptive. While these innocent tricks might be hilarious to you, your dog is probably fed … [Read more…]

How to Read Dog Food Labels Accurately

[embedded content] It’s imperative for dog owners to know how to read dog food labels. Sadly, the regulations in the pet food industry are very lenient. There are many loopholes that can be used to make dog food labels look appealing and mislead pet owners, so we have to stay vigilant because many diseases have … [Read more…]

Woman Freaks Out After Man Asks Her To Leash Dog

WARNING: Photos and videos depict blatant abuse, but the pup has been checked out and is fine. As amazing as dogs are, not every dog parent deserves to have a loving dog by their side. This became especially clear when a video went viral overnight, showing a woman’s nasty reaction to being asked to leash … [Read more…]

RIP Isaboo, Rachael Ray’s 15-Year-Old Rescue Pit Bull

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray is most known for her cooking, but she’s also a big animal lover and advocate. In April, Ray announced plans to donate $4 million to COVID-19 relief projects through The Rachael Ray Foundation and her Yum-o! Organization. Half of those funds were allocated to animal welfare organizations, including the North Shore … [Read more…]

The Science-based Guide for Feeding Athletic Dogs

The aim of an appropriate nutritional plan for athletic dogs is to maximize performance and minimize the occurrence of injuries. To assess the best dog food for athletic dogs, it’s essential to look at the individual animal’s history, body condition and exercise routine. The intensity and duration of work will determine the ideal diet composition … [Read more…]

Puppy Has Ongoing Dispute With The Quaker Oats Man

Opal the Basset Hound puppy is usually very brave. However, she’s also very mischievous. She likes to explore and cause trouble. Her family had a hard time keeping her in her place at first. That is, until they discovered her nemesis: the Quaker Oats man. For some reason, Opal can’t stand the mascot’s white hair … [Read more…]