10 Wonderful Ways To Bond With Your Dog

Advertisement Life is busy and technology is everywhere, but no matter how wrapped up we get in our day-to-day tasks, it’s incredibly important to spend a little time with our dogs every single day. We may have a lot going on with work, families, and countless other responsibilities, but in our dogs’ eyes, we are … [Read more…]

Shelter’s Longest Resident Of Over 3 Years Finally Finds The Perfect Pawrents

Advertisement Dots the dog was transferred to the SPCA of Broward County, Florida when he was just 6-months-old. The snaggle-toothed pup became a staff favorite, but for some reason, he was overlooked by adopters time and again. The days, weeks, months and years ticked by until Dots became the shelter’s longest resident. His friends at the SPCA … [Read more…]

Here’s How Petting A Dog Impacts Your Brain

Advertisement We’ve already talked about how dogs can help improve depression and your overall health, but new research is showing exactly how petting a dog affects our brains, and it’s just one more way that dogs make our lives better. Here’s how petting a dog impacts your brain, along with other ways dogs improve our lives. How … [Read more…]

7 Dog Breeds That Are At Risk in The Summer Heat

With summer approaching, it’s time to talk about heat stroke. Since dogs can’t sweat, the only way they can reduce their body temperature is by panting. Any dog can overheat and suffer a heat stroke, but some dog breeds are far more likely than others to have a difficult time regulating their body temperature. Here … [Read more…]

8 Subtle Signs Your Dog Is In Pain

Advertisement Chances are, you know your dog’s mannerisms and behaviors pretty darn well, and you can tell when they’re excited, hungry, scared, and the like. But signs of pain can be less obvious, especially if it’s a new symptom and they’re exhibiting a behavior that you’re not used to seeing. If your pup is showing … [Read more…]

Dog Returned To Shelter 5 Times Becomes A Hero Police K9

Advertisement It’s been seven years since an energetic pup named Ruby joined the Rhode Island State Police K9 Unit. She was surrendered to the Rhode Island Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA) by her first owner, then adopted – and returned – four more times before finding her true calling. Joseph Warzycha, a former police officer … [Read more…]