New Report Shows Dog Illness Can Spread To Humans

Advertisement A new study published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases is warning pet owners and pet professionals about a previously uncharted risk. A strain of bacterium that affects dogs called Brucella canis can be spread to humans. The infection referred to as brucellosis is most often spread by livestock, but new research shows dogs … [Read more…]

Singing Dog Gets Standing Ovation From Simon Cowell On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Advertisement From sniffing out explosives to performing challenging acrobatics, dogs are known for pulling off impressive tricks. They learn a lot more than the basic “sit” and “stay,” and a three-year-old dog named Oscar took his talent to a well-known stage. Accompanied by his person, Pam, Oscar was a contestant on “America’s Got Talent.” He … [Read more…]

Can Dogs Tell Time?

Advertisement Every night at exactly the same time, your dog gives you “the look.” You don’t need to check the clock to know it’s time for dinner. For other dog owners, the same phenomenon happens when it’s time to leash up and go for a walk. No matter what you’re doing, the dog always knows … [Read more…]

What Emotions Can Your Dog Feel?

Advertisement It’s tempting to think that our dogs can experience all the same emotions that we can, but unfortunately that’s not quite true. While it was thought for hundreds, if not thousands, of years that dogs experienced no emotions whatsoever, the answer is actually somewhere in the middle. Research has shown that dogs have the … [Read more…]