Fi GPS Tracker Brings Lost Dogs Home

Despite our absolute best efforts to keep them contained, dogs can and will get loose from time to time. Some pups are determined to live the wild life, going to great lengths to scale fences in search of freedom. Others catch sight of something that looks worthy of a chase and make a break for … [Read more…]

28 Golden Retrievers Rescued From MA Breeder Were Living In “Deplorable Conditions”

Sweet Paws Rescue (SPR) in Essex, Massachusetts took in 28 Golden Retrievers liberated from “deplorable conditions” this week. Animal Control in Millis, MA have long been suspicious of the woman’s breeding practices, but an official investigation was not launched until February when the suspect brought a dead dog to a local emergency veterinary clinic. The breeder … [Read more…]

This Brave Chihuahua Pup Literally Fell from the Sky

Tony Hawk, a 6-month old Chihuahua puppy, recovers from his high-flying adventure with a hawk. (Photo by Austin Animal Center) Meet Tony Hawk, the “Miracle Puppy”. In January 2019, this brave Chihuahua literally fell from the sky. At first, when construction workers in Austin, Texas heard Tony’s tiny cries for help, they thought the pup was … [Read more…]