How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone?

Having a dog means having a schedule. You arrange work hours, social outings, and errands based on when you can get home. If you’re anything like me, you sometimes skip a night out because you feel guilty leaving your dog home alone. Dogs enjoy the company of their humans, but that doesn’t mean leaving them … [Read more…]

Why Do Dogs Destroy Their Toys?

Advertisement You know the drill—you scour every aisle and thoughtfully consider what toy your dog will like best. You pick out what you think is the perfect squeaky duck or oinky pig, but within minutes of presenting it to your dog, you’re picking it off the floor in pieces. There’s a pile of fluff over … [Read more…]

5 Reasons Your Dog Won’t Eat And How To Help

Advertisement When it comes to the canine appetite, most people are used to dogs gobbling everything in sight. They rush to eat their meals and taste test things you’d never dream of putting near your mouth. But on the opposite side of that spectrum, it’s not uncommon for dogs to be picky eaters or suddenly … [Read more…]

How To Determine If A Dog Is Cat-Friendly

Advertisement There are dog people and there are cat people. Then there are the animal lovers willing to open their homes to any creature in need. Sooner or later, these kindhearted folks find themselves intoducing canine and feline pack members – with varying degrees of success. Luckily, there are several factors that can help you … [Read more…]

How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting

Advertisement Puppy nibbles may seem cute at first, until your puppy gets overexcited and her needle-sharp teeth sink into your skin. Nipping is normal puppy behavior, but it’s important to teach your puppy not to bite. Otherwise, they’re likely to grow up thinking that biting is acceptable behavior. Here are a few tips on how … [Read more…]

Top 45 Best Senior Dog Food Brands

When it comes to “senior dog foods,” most dog owners believe that they’re doing the right thing by choosing a food labeled specifically for senior dogs. But the truth is that “senior dog foods” are formulated with a general population in mind and not the unique needs of your individual dog. So while there are … [Read more…]

Top 50 Best Grain Free Dog Food Brands

Many dog owners today are aware of the disadvantages that grains can have on canine health. Picking one of the best grain free dog food brands to avoid potential health issues from feeding your dog too many grains may be a wise choice for some owners and their pets. But why feed your dog grain free … [Read more…]

Dream Job Alert: Make $100 An Hour “Petting Puppies”

Advertisement Is your current job boring, uninspiring, and devoid of dogs? Well then, you may want to apply for the new “Pup-tern” position at MUTTS Canine Cantina’s newest location in Fort Worth, Texas! Responsibilities include petting dogs and…that’s it! MUTTS shared a post via Instagram earlier this week asking interested applicants to post a video … [Read more…]