News Crew Filming Hurricane Stops to Rescue Injured Pup

While a terrible storm like Hurricane Dorian can be devastating for people and their communities, it affects our furry friends just as much. People fleeing from the storm have been forced to leave behind beloved dogs and cats, many of which have already begun making their way up to shelters all across the United States. But there’s nothing like a disaster to showcase some of the best of humanity! People have really been stepping up to help out animals affected by the storm.

This is just another one of those heartwarming stories that makes us all feel a little bit better during a difficult time.

While trying to shoot a story in Atlantic Beach on Friday September 6th, CBS reporter Steve Sbraccia and photographer George Umbenhauer saw an injured chocolate lab wandering by himself. The dog was limping, shivering, soaking wet, and starving.

His tag indicated that his name is Max and that his parents lived somewhere in the Raleigh area. Sbraccia first attempted to contact them, but the calls went straight to voicemail. The crew also brought Max to the police station and they attempted to contact his family as well.

Steve decided to let Max have his breakfast and hand-fed the hungry pup some Cheerios. It was now their priority to find Max’s family and make him comfortable and warm in the meantime.

The police weren’t going to be able to look after Max, but luckily the fire station next door was more than glad to watch him. They set up a bed of blankets for him to nap and recover on until animal control was able to help.

All the while he was being carried back and forth, Max was calm and quiet. He’s such a good boy!

The crew hoped that by airing Max’s discovery, his family would see and come to claim him. According to a recent update, it seems like it worked and they were able to get in touch!

The dog’s tag identified him as Max. One of his legs was hurt and he was soaking wet.

Posted by WNCN on Friday, September 6, 2019

Comments from people grateful for Steve and the news crew’s kindness and compassion came pouring in. In fact, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their kindness too. Thank you all for saving Max and giving us this story!

It turns out there are plenty of ways we can pitch in and help animals that have been displaced or injured during the storm. You can check those out here!

H/T: CBS17
Featured Photo: screenshot/CBS17

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