Legendary Special Ops Marine Dog Recieves Prestigious Award For Saving Lives

United States special operations are composed of the most highly-skilled and expertly-trained soldiers that walk the planet. Many of those soldiers trudge through challenging terrain and engage with enemies of all kinds around the globe. They rely on their training, instinct, and two feet to see them through even the most harrowing of battles. Some soldiers do the same but rely on four feet, a supersonic nose, and a crushing bite that can make a terrorist beg for mercy. That’s exactly what Bass did.

Piercing Eyes And The Heart Of A Hero

Bass is a Belgian Malinois who works alongside his brothers and sisters in the United States military. He has piercing eyes and an unimaginable amount of bravery. Bass goes everywhere that his fellow human soldiers go. And yes, that means he is there in the heat of battle as grenades and machine guns echo all around him. None of this bothers him. In fact, he thrives on it.

“One of the first things I noticed is his golden eyes,” retired Marine Staff Sergeant Alex Schnell told Fox Nation. “He’s got very piercing predator eyes. I could just tell with that look — this is a pretty special canine and I was very happy to get the chance to be assigned with him.”

Bass endured extensive training that ultimately enabled him to save countless lives. Staff Sergeant Schnell was alongside Bass through it all. Bass was able to use the power of his nose to sniff out explosives and patrol areas for bad guys, the latter of which he was glad to take down when necessary.

Bass Was A Highly Sought After Soldier

Staff Sergeant Schnell and Bass worked together for more than six years in the Marine Corps special operations. They served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia where they successfully executed missions that ultimately saved countless lives around the world. Bass was so popular that teams would request Staff Sgt. Schnell just so they could work with Bass!

“When I went to the company that was going to Afghanistan, the team that had worked with me in the past — they requested me not necessarily because of me, but because they wanted Bass,” Staff Sgt. Schnell said.

The Most Memorable Night Of Them All

Of all of the missions that Staff Sgt. Schnell and Bass went on together, there is one that stands out. They were in Afghanistan on a mission to capture or kill high-value targets. That night started out as normal. Their helicopter landed and they started making their way towards their targets when the enemy began engaging them in gunfire. It was the middle of the night so visibility was hard to come by.

The fight lasted for hours with Bass diligently following around Staff Sgt. Schnell the entire night. No gunfire or explosions could distract him from the mission. Eventually, Bass was put to work.

Bass entered a building before the rest of his unit. He successfully neutralized the enemy, enabling his fellow soldiers to safely enter the building and complete the mission unscathed.

In addition to tracking dozens of enemies, Bass conducted over 350 explosive detections. Miraculously during all of those missions with Bass, not one single American soldier lost their life.

In November of 2019, Bass was rightfully awarded the Medal of Bravery. This honor is given by the non-profit called Angels Without Wings which recognizes the work of military working dogs in combat. It was an award that Bass deserved without a shred of doubt. His bravery and selflessness meant that his fellow soldiers could live to watch their children grow up and innocent civilians could have a great chance of living in peace.

Bass is a true American hero.

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