Hundreds Of FL Greyhounds Need Homes Due To Coronavirus-Related Track Closure

The spread of COVID-19 forced the closure of many businesses over the last few weeks, worldwide. Among them are the last remaining Greyhound racing tracks in Florida. Dog racing is illegal in most states, though some continue to allow it.

Florida’s tracks were already officially set to shut down in December of this year. Florida voters decided to end Greyhound racing back in 2018. Nearly 70% voted to pass Amendment 13, which bans the sport by the end of 2020. Several dog racing tracks already closed voluntarily. Some remained operational. The tracks closing now decided to remain closed instead of re-opening just to shut down again.

The early track closures left several retired racing dogs in Florida in an abrupt limbo. Volunteers have already been working to rescue and rehome former racing dogs, but there are a lot in need. Awesome Greyhound Adoptions shared a poster on Facebook along with a request for foster homes last week.


“FOSTER HOMES NEEDED IN SE FL for retired racing greyhounds. The virus has caused early shut down of two tracks and these dogs need places to go while waiting for forever homes. NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP UP FLORIDA PEEPS … “

Fortunately, the organization indicated they had been “swamped with replies.” Timing and a little TV exposure were on their side.

“AGA has received a tremendous response via email, phone & Facebook to the three major TV spots about the need for fosters in the SE FL area. We have been swamped with over 1000 emails (enough to cause Barbara’s email account to crash) and Facebook messages and at least 500 phone calls! We are trying to get to all of them ASAP.”

Still, it never hurts to reach out if you’re local and able to foster a Greyhound! Call the organization at (561) 737-1941 or visit their page for more information.

How To Rescue A Greyhound If You Don’t Live In Florida


If you want to adopt a Greyhound but don’t live locally, look into other rescues that rehabilitate retired racers. For example, these organizations all share similar missions:

Now, while we have this time to spend at home, is a great time to foster or adopt a dog! Greyhounds make loving, loyal companions. They’ll be forever grateful for you.

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