How Do the Top Fresh Dog Food Companies Compare?

Healthy meal delivery services like HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and Purple Carrot, have exploded in popularity among health conscious families that want an easy way to eat healthy every day. These services take the guess work out of meal planning and purchasing, making them the perfect solution for busy households that want to maintain a healthy diet.

But what about the furry members of your family? Did you know there are fresh meal services for them, too? It is easier than ever to ensure your dog eats a healthy, well-balanced diet without planning, purchasing, and preparing on your part.

Why Choose Fresh Meals

One of the reasons kibble is so compelling is due to its convenience. We like the idea that we can feed our dogs a properly balanced, nutritional diet with a simple scoop. Unfortunately, most kibble just doesn’t deliver on that promise. With fresh meal delivery, you actually get what you’re looking for in a diet for your beloved dog.

  • Fewer ingredients – Fresh dog food meals have around half of the ingredients of kibble. Simple is sometimes far better.
  • Less artificial ingredients and preservatives – Fresh meals don’t need the artificial ingredients and preservatives that allow dry dog food to stay edible for months.
  • Fresh ingredients – With fresh dog food, you can see the raw ingredients that are going into the meal.
  • Convenience – Delivery services take the stress out of sourcing the ingredients and creating recipes your dog will actually eat.

Strawberries and bananas dog treat

Strawberries and bananas dog treat

NomNomNow Compared to Other Fresh Food Services

We believe that NomNomNow is the best fresh food company for your pet which is why they are the official fresh food partner of iHeartDogs. We are going to take a closer look at how NomNomNow compares to The Farmer’s Dog, FreshPet, and Ollie so you can see for yourself what makes them the best.

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog uses human-grade meats and veggies for their 3 simple recipes. The meals have been “approved” by veterinarians and exceed the AAFCO standards for pet foods. Meals are made in a USDA kitchen, ensuring food safety and they are never frozen.

Meals are portioned for appropriate calorie intake based on the profile you complete for your dog. You answer questions about weight, breed, body condition, and activity level. In filling the information in for a 1 year old 35 pound female mixed breed, weekly cost came to $54.


FreshPet is the pet food company that you see in a fridge case at your local pet food or grocery store. They offer a variety of products from kibble to “slice and serve” tubes of mixed meat, veggies, fruits and grains that can portioned at home for your dog.  Meats are USDA certified and fruits, grains, and veggies are human grade.

The closest offering they have to a fresh meal delivery service is their Homestyle Creations line. You can buy a variety of cooked, packaged proteins and tubs of “mixers” that include fruits, grains, and veggies. With these components you can customize a meal for your dog at home. Estimated weekly cost for Homestyle Creations for a 35 pound dog is $40. It should be noted, however, that the Homestyle Creations line is not widely available.


Ollie is a fresh dog food delivery service that uses human grade ingredients to create vet-formulated meals. They include superfoods like chia seeds to increase nutrition. Ollie packages meals based on your dog’s weight, age, activity level, and allergies. Ollie offers four meals: beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb based.

Meals are shipped to your door on a regular schedule and shipping is always free. Meals are portioned out by you from plastic containers that hold a bulk supply. With a 35 pound spayed female, weekly cost for eating Ollie for every meal ranges from $36-$41 depending on which of their four proteins you choose.


NomNomNow uses whole, restaurant grade ingredients in their 5 meat based recipes as well as offering an egg based recipe for dogs with specific protein sensitivities. Every recipe has been formulated by NomNomNow‘s in-house veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, and exceeds AAFCO standards. In addition to fresh protein, veggies, and fruits, the recipes include important supplements for health and vitality.

Meals are prepared on a weekly basis and portioned specifically for your pet based on Dr. Shmalberg’s recommendation and vacuum sealed for each serving. This makes things super simple at meal time: just open the perforated edge and pour. The profile takes into account your dog’s current and ideal weight to help move the scale for our overnight friends. Weekly cost for a 1 year old 35 pound spayed female is $50. However, the cost scales down by up to 30% by ordering 4 weeks at a time. Shipping is always free.

Better Than the Rest

Based on cost, quality, and convenience, NomNomNow comes in on top. If you want to give your pup the best fresh food, you are in luck. As our partner in fresh food for pets, NomNomNow is offering a super sweet deal to the iHeartDogs community.

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