Fur Mom Trains Golden Retriever To Bring Groceries To Neighbor In Need

It’s during trying times like these that we all must try our best to come together and offer support where it’s needed. A lovable pup named Sundance is doing just that and has become a huge support for his at-risk neighbor.

Sundance and his fur mom Karen reside in Manitou Springs, Colorado, where they live next door to a woman named Renee that’s considered high risk to the current pandemic. With having COPD and other serious medical conditions, Renee could become seriously ill if she is exposed to the virus.

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Being the caring neighbor that she is, Karen devised a plan to make sure her neighbor has everything she needs without having to take on the risk of going to public places. With having a well-trained pup that is always eager to help, she was able to recruit Sundance for an important task!

With treats in hand each step of the way Karen was able to train Sundance to not only fetch her neighbor’s grocery list each day, but also deliver the groceries once she has brought them home from the store. This way Renee can remain safe and sound in her home without any risk of being exposed to anyone that could be carrying the virus, and of course have daily interaction with her favorite furry neighbor.

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Apparently, Sundance has always been a special dog. He is not only a hero to Renee for his dedication to grocery delivery, but he has been a huge source of support for Karen since the moment he stepped into her life.

“He does get his treats, he’s motivated by those for sure. But he’s really special to me, and I’d be lost without him because he helps me so much, so I wanted him to help other people. That’s exactly what he did. I’m pretty proud.” – Karen

No matter how many times Renee sees her friend Sundance coming around the corner with her groceries in tow, she is still amazed every single time. With how frightening this time has been for Renee, she considers Sundance to be her hero.

sundance helpersundance helper
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“She could not believe it, she always runs to the window to see that ‘oh my God I can’t believe he did it again, and again, and again.” – Karen

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We are so impressed with Sundance’s dedication to his neighbor and are so thankful for kind hearts like Karen that are ready to jump in and help others by any means necessary. Keep up the good work Sundance!

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