Former Romanian Street Dog Avoided Death, Wins Scruffts Award

The annual Scruffts crossbred competition has ended, and it’s official: a former Romanian street dog named Clooney is one of two Most Handsome Crossbred Dogs of 2020! This gorgeous boy had quite a journey from homeless mutt to iconic mixed breed champion.

Sirius Animal Rescue in Romania first took the dog in off the streets. Locals had plans to poison him since many feared a mangy black street dog wandering near the school posed risk to their children.


Sirius Animal Rescue worked with Evermore Dog Rescue, an organization that works with various Romanian rescues to rehome animals, to get Clooney the medical attention and nutrition he needed.

Clooney Finds His Forever Family

Now that Clooney had been looked after and healed up, he traveled to the UK where he’d have a better chance at adoption. It really didn’t take long for him to catch his future family’s eye. Stephen Hayes and his wife Hannah found the pup online first.

“Hannah saw him on the Halfway Home Dog Rescue website and fell in love with him instantly.” -Stephen Hayes via The Lincolnite


“As soon as he saw me, he barked and that was it. I took him home that day. I just couldn’t resist his beautiful amber eyes and cheeky face.”

The pup even had the honor of acting as his parents’ ring bearer and Best Man at their wedding. Though to be fair, he wasn’t technically trusted with the rings Hannah said.

“He didn’t have the real rings. We couldn’t really trust him not to run off chasing squirrels.”

Thanks to the hard work of several organizations and many individuals, Clooney and his new family seem very happy together!


Winning The Scruffts Prize

Clooney’s parents could not have been more proud of their boy for winning the Scruffts quarter-finals back in 2019.

“We’re so chuffed with him seems like a dream didn’t manage to get many photos as I was too busy crying, did a video when they were doing the results but freaked out when the judges gestured towards Clooney and it stopped.” -Hannah Hayes via Facebook


They could hardly believe it when he went on to win the whole thing a few months later.


Competition Judge Sally Phillips said Clooney and his family’s story touched her. She also appreciated the couple for rescuing him.

“I just loved the fact that Clooney was the best man at Stephen and Hannah’s wedding and has done wonders for their mental health. That’s something I can relate to. When you rescue a dog, as I have done, you do wonder who is actually rescuing who here.”

You really would forget that a handsome award-winning dog used to live on the street. Thank goodness for all the humans who cared.

H/T: The Lincolnite
Featured Image: @hannah.l.watts.18/Facebook

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