Dog Riding Bus Alone Ready To Be Adopted After Photo Goes Viral

These days, virtually none of us can manage a simple commute without our phones out in our laps and headphones in our ears. Fortunately though, most phones have cameras, and you never know when that accessible feature is going to come in handy on the bus.

Take for example the passengers riding the 620 First Bus in West Yorkshire, England. Phones or not, they couldn’t help but notice that when the bus stopped at Bierley Lane, a four-legged passenger got on… alone.

The brown and white Staffordshire-mix was wearing a harness, but totally unaccompanied as she boarded and plopped down in a seat.

A human passenger on the bus named Gemma Burton snapped a photo of the dog sitting by the window and shared it on Facebook. She hoped whoever this pup belonged to would see it and come for her.

“This little cutie came on the 620 bus at Bierley Lane to Bradford this morning. If she belongs to you and you’re in Bradford, please, please come to the Bradford Interchange bus station and collect her.”

That cutie is far from little, but she looks so lonely on the bus by herself!


Eventually, Burton told The Yorkshire Post, the dog got up from her seat and headed towards the door, but the other passengers stopped her.

“She did try and get off the bus at one point but it was on the busy main road, so we got her to stay on and someone stayed with her on the bus before she was taken off at Bradford Interchange.”

That’s when a dog warden arrived to take the dog to Cliffe Kennels. If no one claimed her within 7 days, she would have to be put up for adoption.

Cliffe Kennels Rescue dogs/Facebook

Fortunately, the internet did its thing and passed around the photo of the adorable lonely bus rider. Denise Ball, owner of Cliffe Kennels, told BBC News that “a lot” of people reached out about her.

The kennel named the dog Olive after a character from a 70s sitcom “On The Buses.” According to them, Olive will be going to a new home in the “very near future.”

“There’s only going to be one lucky person out of the inundation of calls but if they’re all serious about giving a dog a good home then they should go to one of Yorkshire’s bona fide rescue centres and take another dog.”

Next time I take the bus to work, I’m going to look up from my phone every so often in case of any unaccompanied canine passengers.

H/T: BBC News
Featured Image: @gemma.burton.18/Facebook

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