Cuteness Roundup: These Dogs Absolutely Love Their Stuffed Toys

What is more adorable than a dog cuddling? We found the answer: a dog cuddling and playing with a stuffed animal. Recently, we went on a journey through videos and pictures of dogs playing with their best plush pals. These are some of our favorites.

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Why Stuffed Animals?

According to Wag, some breeds (like Labs and Golden Retrievers) might be genetically predisposed to nurturing their toys.

“[Some dogs] fall into that group as their predecessors were used for hunting and carrying ducks – which would explain their gentle grasps and commitment to always having a plushie in their mouth,” said Wag.

This pic, while a little sad, also makes us smile.

And, here is another video to make you laugh. Someone doesn’t like to share!

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The Way This Dog Plays With Her Stuffed Animal Will Warm Your Heart

We could also watch these playmates all day!

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What a patient pooch.

More Pups to Love

Obsessed with this emotional support toy.

Amazingly, this dad saved his dogs’ stuffed toy by performing CPR. Make sure you follow the entire thread!

Also, we found an entire Instagram account dedicated to dogs and their stuffed animals. Simply heaven!

Next, the sweetest video.

Does your dog need a stuffed animal, or do you want to create one tailored for your pup? Meet the Cuddle Clones. They make a stuffed animal that looks like your dog. This might be the best invention ever.

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Featured image c/o aarun_evolution Instagram

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