Could Pics of Your Dog’s Nose Help Find a Lost Pup Faster?

What if there was a database filled with images of every individual snout, helping to reconnect us with our lost pups? A company named Megvii in China is already on to the idea, and making this a reality!

As the years have gone by, we are constantly finding ways to reunite with our lost pets even easier than before. What started out as only being able to find your escaped dog from word of mouth, has now turns into a system using microchips, shareable internet posts, and now, even nose identification.

Dog Nose

This new technology works off of the same premise as the facial recognition software that we have on our phones. A dog’s nose print is just as unique as our fingerprint!

By uploading several photos of your pup’s nose from multiple angles, this software is able to download your dog’s very own  data, and use it to help reunite you if they ever get lost! This program has already reunited 15,000 pets with their owners in other parts of the world.

This technology has caught on in the US in terms of identifying specific wildlife and conservation, and even in some kennel clubs. Some even use the facial recognition app called Finding Rover to locate their missing pets by comparing photos that are uploaded around the community. This is a new identification system that is expected to gain recognition, and possibly even be the main way to find missing pets in the future.

Dog Nose

Dog Nose

In China, this system has already caught on, and is being transformed for many different purposes! China intends to continue to use this software for lost pets, but to also monitor the behaviors of the pets in the area. They believe that with the progression of this technology, they will be able to watch the pets being walked in the area, monitor if their owners are following proper leash laws, and implement structure to those who choose to break the local rules.

Your dog’s nose may be the key to a major growth in animal search technology. Dog nose identification software is an impressive advancement, and will surely take the world by storm!


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