Best Nighttime Housetraining Routine

Potty training a puppy is HARD! It is probably THE NUMBER ONE problem people have with their puppies and dogs. It is also the number one reason dogs are relinquished to shelters. But, the truth is, potty training your puppy doesn’t have to be hard if you follow a few simple tips. Remember, He is … [Read more…]

Dog to Dog Aggression

Dog to dog aggression is a problem that causes suffering for many dog owners, and their dogs. There are two main concerns I have noted as big causes during my 25 year career. Owners Who Inadvertently Cause Dog Aggression Yes, it is true… you can actually be the CAUSE of your dog’s dog aggression. Exposure … [Read more…]

Deterring Loose Dogs

Unfortunately, we seem to be in a time when very few dogs are receiving the socialization or training they need to be good companions and good canine citizens. I see a lot of dogs that are reactive to a large majority of situations. And, I see a lot of dogs that are severely dog aggressive. … [Read more…]