Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?

There is doubt left when watching an old Looney Tunes cartoon with Chester and Spike as to why do dogs chase cars; Chester just thinks it’s fun. But, if you have ever had to deal with stopping a dog from chasing cars, you know that there is much more to the equation than being the … [Read more…]

Why Do Puppies Eat Their Poop

When I was younger, I recall seeing a comedian doing a skit called,  “why do puppies eat their poop?” In his attempts to get the answer from vets and dog trainers, his only conclusion to why his dog continued to eat poop was simple, “It’s because I don’t feed him poop in the house.” It … [Read more…]

Excitement Urination in Dogs

Excitement urination in dogs is not a great issue that a pet owner wants to have with man’s best friend. These accidents usually happen when a dog is overly excited, anxious or feeling a need to be completely submissive. Most incidents happen when your dog is greeting you or guests at the front door or … [Read more…]

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop

Dogs seem to have an affinity for finding, eating and enjoying cat poop. While this will never make logical sense to you, there are some reasons why dogs eat cat poop based on health or behavioral issues. If you are concerned about your pooch eating cat feces out of the litter box or while out … [Read more…]