Kind-Hearted Travelers Are Adopting Stray Dogs Abroad

People are coming home from vacations with non-traditional mementos of their time abroad.  Rather than a keychain or some local candy, travelers are welcoming locals strays to join them in their lives back home. The process can be lengthy and not kind to your bank account, but it’s worth every penny. These pups that people … [Read more…]

Dogs Suffer as More Are Abused Online, And Justice is Never Served

Warning: photos of abuse below. Dogs are trending online, whether it’s through heartwarming rescue stories or their continuous adorable antics. It seems like a positive trend to support, but what happens when online influencers are objectifying their pets for the sake of likes? Some online influencers are doing just about anything to gain attention, even … [Read more…]

Man Saves Beagle Tethered to a Tree During Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian pummeled the Bahamas and the eastern United States just last week. The storm caused damage spanning several states and caused catastrophic damage to the Bahamas. Residents up the east coast evacuated as Dorian’s strength continued to build and its path became more uncertain. Humans Flee to Safety and Leave Their Dogs in Harm’s … [Read more…]