Dog Snugglers Needed at Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Help Wanted: dedicated worker with big heart, kind hands, and time for snuggles. Must love dogs. If this sounds like you and you’re in the Tampa Bay area, your dream job is waiting for you! The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is seriously seeking volunteers to snuggle their shelter pets! There’s a shortage of snuggles … [Read more…]

Is It Safe To Microchip Your Dog?

There are countless stories of lost dogs reuniting with their owners thanks to their microchips. These devices are small, inexpensive, and easy to implant. If your pup came from a shelter or rescue organization, chances are he or she already has one. So why aren’t all pets required to have microchips as they are in … [Read more…]

Photos Show The True Life Of Military Dogs

We often hear about the incredible work police and military working dogs do, and the lasting impression they leave on those who work with them. But it’s difficult to understand what really goes on between dog and handler if you’re not one yourself. Films about MWDs give us a quick glimpse, but according to handlers, … [Read more…]

8 Things Only Dog Parents Understand

Dogs. They hog our beds, steal our shoes, and often cause us just as much worry as our human children. People who do not have pets must wonder why we choose to share our lives with these furry little menaces. Only dog parents understand the devotion and unconditional love they offer. They may be challenging … [Read more…]

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Friend

Should you get another dog? People who have one pup may come up with a plethora of excuses for why they could never add a second. Either it’s too expensive. Two dogs would be way too much to handle. Maybe they worry that the dogs wouldn’t get along. However, studies have shown that it is … [Read more…]