Legendary Special Ops Marine Dog Recieves Prestigious Award For Saving Lives

United States special operations are composed of the most highly-skilled and expertly-trained soldiers that walk the planet. Many of those soldiers trudge through challenging terrain and engage with enemies of all kinds around the globe. They rely on their training, instinct, and two feet to see them through even the most harrowing of battles. Some … [Read more…]

Chow Puppy Looks Like A Bowl Of Cookies & Cream

Just like people before they get tattoos, dogs don’t get to pick the coloring of their coats. Some pups just happen to win the visual lottery thanks to their genetics. For example, there’s a Chow Chow in California with the gorgeous coat coloring of a McFlurry ice cream treat. This is Chief, aka “Oreo Cloud.” … [Read more…]

Meet Eris, Dog Famous For Her 12.2″ Long Snoot

Get ready for the snootiest of all the snoots you’ve ever seen! A dog in Virginia possesses possibly the world’s longest doggie nose. To be more precise, Eris’ snout measures about 12.2 inches long. Her family speculates that her snout breaks all the records, but have yet to have that officially verified. Eris’ namesake is the … [Read more…]