How To Manage Food Aggression In Dogs

Advertisement Food aggression in dogs is a form of resource guarding in which the animal is abnormally protective of edible items. Some dogs even go so far as to “guard” their humans’ food. The issue of food guarding can be particularly difficult to deal with because it is considered a normal canine survival instinct. Understanding the … [Read more…]

Trendy Dog “Beer” Is Both Delicious & Nutritious

Advertisement Megan and Steve Long are dog lovers, but they had no idea their passion for pups would lead them to open one of the country’s first canine breweries. It all started when their Rottweiler mix, Rocky began having digestive issues. In order to ease his symptoms, Megan began experimenting with his diet and searching … [Read more…]

Shirtless Firefighters Pose With Pups For 2019 Australian Firefighters Calendar

Advertisement What could be hotter than shirtless firefighters with dogs? Shirtless firefighters raising money for charity with dogs! The 2019 Australian Firefighters Dog Calendar is ready to grace your wall with 11 beefy firemen and their adorable, fuzzy, canine companions! Not only will you get 12 months of super cute canines and foxy firemen, but … [Read more…]

13 Things Humans Do That Dogs Dislike

Advertisement We love our pups so much that it hurts to think we could be doing something that our dogs dislike. Or that makes them uncomfortable, sad, or scared. They love us so much in return that sometimes, they don’t make it obvious when we’re doing something they hate. Since they can’t tell us, we’ve compiled a list … [Read more…]

How To Heal Your Dog’s Dry Nose Naturally

Have you noticed that your dog’s nose has been drier than usual lately? A crusty, flaky nose on your dog is not just an eyesore – it can actually be quite sore and uncomfortable for your dog. Dry, cracked skin isn’t just painful. A wet nose is actually required for your dog to smell properly. … [Read more…]