The 10 Dog Breeds That Shed The Least

Looking for a companion but don’t want to deal with excessive grooming? Maybe you have allergies and want a dog but not all the excess hair that goes everywhere? Truthfully, all dogs shed. But some certainly shed more than others. We’ve put together helpful list of the dog breeds that shed the least for those … [Read more…]

The 10 Most Common Items Dogs Choke On

Just like humans, dogs can choke on the things that they put in their mouths. But unlike humans, they’re more likely to gnaw on non-food items, or simply swallow things whole. If you’ve ever wondered why certain pet toys have weight or size suggestions on them, a big reason is to reduce the risk of that item … [Read more…]

How CBD Oil May Help Your Dog With Anxiety

The life of a dog isn’t always all belly rubs and nap times. Dogs experience many of the same emotions humans do, and unfortunately, anxiety is something we share. Anxious dogs are stressed, nervous, and sometimes afraid. They overreact to certain situations, and their apprehension interferes with quality of life. While counting to 10 and … [Read more…]

Adopted Girl Raises Funds to Help Senior Dogs Get Adopted

Meena Kumar is a 14-year-old hero and philanthropist. She knows firsthand how adoption changes lives. Meena herself was adopted. Now, she has donated an impressive $14,000 to Muttville, a senior dog rescue organization, to help ensure some special dogs get their forever family, just like she did. Image Jayashree Subrahmonia via CNN Abandoned in a … [Read more…]