Recipe: Pumpkin Turmeric Dog Treats for Arthritis

[embedded content] One of the best ways to help a dog suffering from arthritis is through proper nutrition. It’s important to feed arthritic pets a diet that fosters a healthy weight and includes ingredients that reduce swelling and inflammation. These pumpkin and turmeric dog treats for arthritis are made with some superfood ingredients to help dogs … [Read more…]

10 Ways to Help a Dog with Upset Stomach

All dogs will experience stomach upset issues at some point. In majority of cases that is not a cause for concern, and this issue will go away in a day or two. There are also ways to alleviate the symptoms for a dog with upset stomach to make them feel comfortable. Table of Contents Note … [Read more…]

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Prescription Dog Foods

When your dog is diagnosed with a disease that requires diet change, a vet may recommend a prescription dog food brand. These foods are very expensive. Sometimes, it’s your only option, but not always. Here’s what you probably didn’t know about prescription dog foods. 1 What Are Your Dog’s Needs? There are times when your dog … [Read more…]

Recipe: Christmas Dinner for Dogs Made with Leftovers

[embedded content] We host Christmas dinner at our home. It’s great to have a house full of family, friends and amazing food. Unfortunately, most of that food gets left behind after the family and friends leave. I use holiday leftovers to make a delicious Christmas dinner for dogs. The serving size for this recipe is … [Read more…]

15 Ways to Avoid Bad Dog Food Brands

The pet food industry is rich in money and, sometimes, scam. This forces pet owners to be vigilant when picking the best dog food for their pets. One of the ways to pick high quality dog foods on your own (and not rely on others) is by reading labels, recognizing the signs of bad dog … [Read more…]

7 Vitamins for Dogs That All Dog Owners Need to Know About

Dogs, like humans, need vitamins in specific quantities for the proper functioning of their metabolism. Most often, a good quality dog food you’re buying will already include the essential amount of vitamins for your dog. However, depending on health issues or diet requirements, the amount may need may have to be monitored and adjusted. Vitamins … [Read more…]

Review: Petcurean GO! Solutions Wet Dog Food

[embedded content] Most experts would agree that a wet diet is better for dogs than dry kibble. While they can both offer a nutritionally balanced diet, wet food has higher water content. It’s usually more nutrient dense, too. Petcurean GO! Solutions is taking the wet food game up to a whole new level by offering a variety … [Read more…]