Review: Petcurean NOW FRESH Wet Dog Food (2018)

[embedded content] Most experts would agree that a wet diet is better for dogs than dry kibble. While they can both offer a nutritionally balanced diet, wet food has higher water content. It’s usually more nutrient dense, too. Petcurean NOW FRESH is taking their wet food game up a notch by offering a grain- and … [Read more…]

Review: Ollie Fresh Dog Food (2018)

[embedded content] If you’re doing research to find the best diet for your dog, you have probably already realized that homemade is the healthiest option available. However, if it’s not done properly a homemade dog food diet can also be the worst thing you can feed your pet. That’s why some commercial brands, like Ollie fresh … [Read more…]

Homemade Dog Food Recipe Calculator

[embedded content] Providing fresh, homemade food for your dog is one of the best things that you can do for his health and well-being. Whenever pet owners broach this subject with me, they often bring up how difficult it can be. Yes, creating recipes to meet your dog’s nutritional needs can be a challenge. But, … [Read more…]

My 6 Essential Tips for Making Homemade Dog Food

[embedded content] We all know that homemade dog food is the healthiest option for our pets. Making meals at home is the only way to know for sure which ingredients are going into the food and how the meals are prepared. If not done properly, however, it can quickly cause severe health problems that could … [Read more…]

Review: Incentive Foods U-Bake Dog Treat Mixes (2018)

[embedded content] All pet owners love to give their dog treats. It makes your pup happy, which makes you happy. But, it’s important to feed a high-quality treat that will benefit their health. Incentive Foods has created easy U-Bake Dog Treat Mixes to help pet owners provide healthy snacks for their four-legged friends. Many commercial pet … [Read more…]

Recipe: Nutritionally Complete Homemade Dog Food

[embedded content] Preparing homemade food for your pet is the only way to create a diet that is customized to his exact nutritional needs. Unfortunately, most of the homemade dog food recipes that you will find in books or online are not nutritionally balanced for your pet. This nutritionally complete homemade dog food may meet … [Read more…]

Review: Pupford Dehydrated Dog Food (2018)

[embedded content] Now, more than ever, pet owners are concerned about the health and safety of the products that they are purchasing for their dogs. We are paying attention to the types of plastic used to make their toys, the safety of the treats we’re offering and especially the quality of the ingredients in their … [Read more…]

TOP #68: The 411 On Functional Ingredients in Dog Food

[embedded content] You know about the existence of healthy (or healthier) dog food options, but have you heard or know much about functional ingredients in dog food? Carefully adjusted food plan and proper nutrition means not only prevention of different health problems in our dogs, but also longer lifespan. Functional ingredients are part of this … [Read more…]

TOP #66: How to Feed and Satisfy Picky Eaters

[embedded content] If your dog is a picky eater, you’re probably struggling with finding the right food your pup will enjoy without resorting to table scraps. Dogs being picky eaters is not that uncommon, and finding appealing and tasty dog food brand that’s nutritionally well-balanced can become a chore. In this short podcast episode, I’ve … [Read more…]