TOP #78: How to Read Dog Food Labels

[embedded content] One of the key aspects to feeding your dog a healthy diet is to properly reading and understanding dog food labels. But due to some controversies in the pet food industry, tricky marketing techniques and pet food recalls, some owners find it hard to trust manufacturers. I wanted to speak with an expert … [Read more…]

Organic Dog Food Recipe with Limited Ingredients

[embedded content] There are dozens of different pet food diets, making it difficult to choose the one that will best meet your dog’s needs. Some of these diets, like the raw food diet, can be quite controversial. One diet that everyone can agree is wholesome and healthy is the organic diet, and this organic dog food … [Read more…]

My Top 10 Most Common Dog Food Ingredients

[embedded content] Homemade dog food is becoming a very popular method for feeding our canine companions. Some owners are looking to provide top quality nutrition, while others are using a homemade diet to help with certain health conditions. Either way, the most common dog food ingredients are easily available, affordable and provide some really amazing health … [Read more…]

Recipe: Homemade Dog Food for Chihuahua

[embedded content] The Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. Their popularity has increased drastically over the last decade. Unfortunately, their small size and high energy level makes them a difficult breed to feed. This homemade dog food for Chihuahua recipe may be a good option for your pint-sized pooch. The average … [Read more…]

How Much Organ Meat to Give Your Dog

Many dog owners who switched to raw feeding diet limit the amount of organ meat they give to dogs, but that might not be the ideal to raw feed your pet. If you subscribe to the raw diet principles, do you also follow the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) model to a letter that says … [Read more…]

The Pet Owner’s Guide to Dog Muscle Supplements

If your pet isn’t suffering from a specific health condition that could be improved upon with muscle supplements, or a veterinarian doesn’t prescribe or even suggest muscle supplements, then supplementing a dog’s diet with muscle-building vitamins or powders is generally up to the owner’s discretion. In general, if there is no good health related reason … [Read more…]

Review: Petcurean NOW FRESH Wet Dog Food (2018)

[embedded content] Most experts would agree that a wet diet is better for dogs than dry kibble. While they can both offer a nutritionally balanced diet, wet food has higher water content. It’s usually more nutrient dense, too. Petcurean NOW FRESH is taking their wet food game up a notch by offering a grain- and … [Read more…]

Review: Ollie Fresh Dog Food (2018)

[embedded content] If you’re doing research to find the best diet for your dog, you have probably already realized that homemade is the healthiest option available. However, if it’s not done properly a homemade dog food diet can also be the worst thing you can feed your pet. That’s why some commercial brands, like Ollie fresh … [Read more…]

Homemade Dog Food Recipe Calculator

[embedded content] Providing fresh, homemade food for your dog is one of the best things that you can do for his health and well-being. Whenever pet owners broach this subject with me, they often bring up how difficult it can be. Yes, creating recipes to meet your dog’s nutritional needs can be a challenge. But, … [Read more…]