25 Best Puppy Food Brands (2020)

Finding good puppy food can be time-consuming. With a large number of options available, the choice is overwhelming. But a high quality diet designed specifically for a puppy will ensure healthy growth and prevent musculoskeletal health problems like hip dysplasia or early onset osteoarthritis as the dog ages. Table of Contents To keep our puppies … [Read more…]

Best Dog Food for Beagles: 5 Vet Recommended Brands

While Beagles make great pets, it’s often difficult for owners to find the right diet for these dogs to keep them in tip top shape. The best dog food for Beagles should ideally provide the right balance of nutrients that’s required for this breed type. Table of Contents Luckily for Beagle owners, this breed is … [Read more…]

Ask a Vet: Is Grain Free Food Bad for Dogs?

Over the past decade, grain free diet for dogs have become all the rage for pet owners. It’s likely you’ve heard or read how no pet food should contain grains, and all this buzz may leave you wondering: is grain free food bad for dogs, or is it actually better? Here’s what science and vets … [Read more…]

Best Dog Food for Weimaraners: 9 Vet Recommended Brands

Weimaraners are large sporting dogs that have traditionally been bird-hunting dogs from the 19th century Germany. This is an active and energetic breed, and the best dog food for Weimaraner dogs will need to meet the requirements of this working breed. Table of Contents The Weimaraner is a fearless companion, but not the easiest dog … [Read more…]

Best Dog Food for Newfoundland: 10 Vet Recommended Brands

While the Newfoundland breed (or “Newfies”) was officially recognized by the AKC in 1886, they were virtually unknown as a household pet just 20 years ago. Today, their popularity continues to soar. That said, this breed also requires a very specific care, including appropriately adjusted nutrition and special Newfoundland dog food brands. Table of Contents … [Read more…]

Best Dog Food for Maltese: 10 Vet Recommended Brands

The Maltese dog breed has a number of genetic health concerns, some of which can be effectively managed through diet. The best dog food for Maltese dogs will be specifically balanced to address the nutrient requirements of this particular breed. Table of Contents The Maltese is a toy breed that weighs less than 7 pounds. … [Read more…]

How To Store Homemade Dog Food

[embedded content] Making homemade dog food is one of the healthiest ways to feed your pet, but it’s certainly not the easiest. To make things easier on yourself, you can make homemade meals in bulk and store them for use in the future. If you’re wondering how to store homemade dog food, it’s easier than … [Read more…]

3 Things To Know Before Switching to Homemade Dog Food

[embedded content] It’s no secret that homemade dog food can be the healthiest diet to feed your pets. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to create a homemade dog food diet as most owners believe. If it’s not done properly, your dog could suffer life threatening nutrient deficiencies. Making meals at home is the only way … [Read more…]

Recipe: Chicken & Vegetable Food for Dogs with Diabetes

[embedded content] Having a dog diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming. There is a lot to learn, especially about the best dietary options for your diabetic pet. You should consult with your veterinarian or a canine nutritionist before feeding this food for dogs with Diabetes or any other homemade diet. Canine diabetes has been a … [Read more…]

Recipe: Chicken Stew for Dogs

[embedded content] This chicken stew for dogs isn’t just going to entice your pet. There’s a good chance you’ll want to have a bowl for yourself! The good news is that you can share this meal with your canine companion. It is made with nutritious whole food ingredients that are safe and healthy for dogs and humans. … [Read more…]