Top 45 Best Senior Dog Food Brands

When it comes to “senior dog foods,” most dog owners believe that they’re doing the right thing by choosing a food labeled specifically for senior dogs. But the truth is that “senior dog foods” are formulated with a general population in mind and not the unique needs of your individual dog. So while there are … [Read more…]

Top 50 Best Grain Free Dog Food Brands

Many dog owners today are aware of the disadvantages that grains can have on canine health. Picking one of the best grain free dog food brands to avoid potential health issues from feeding your dog too many grains may be a wise choice for some owners and their pets. But why feed your dog grain free … [Read more…]

Recipe: Homemade Doggy Chili (for pups and people)

[embedded content] Most experts on canine nutrition will tell you that homemade dog food is the only way to provide your companion with proper nutrition that will meet his exact needs. If done properly, feeding your dog a homemade diet will provide proper nutrition throughout every stage of his life. This homemade doggy chili won’t be appropriate … [Read more…]

Recipe: Pressure Cooker Dog Food with Chicken and Rice

[embedded content] Making your dog’s meals isn’t the most convenient way to feed him, but it is the healthiest. Home cooking allows you to cater Fido’s meals to his exact nutritional needs. This pressure cooker dog food recipe makes serving your dog a home cooked meal a little bit easier. Some people worry about the safety … [Read more…]

Ask a Vet: What’s the Best Dog Food for Arthritis?

As dogs age, their health deteriorates, and the most common health problem in senior dogs is osteoarthritis (1). Unfortunately, canine arthritis is not exclusive to geriatric dogs, and younger adult dogs may also suffer from this problem as well (2, 3, 4). A dietary change for arthritic dogs is key to alleviating the symptoms, so what’s … [Read more…]

TOP #56: Why Fresh Dog Food Is Better

[embedded content] More pet owners are becoming concerned over different controversies from the pet food industry, and many are now switching to homemade dog foods, and those who don’t have the time to cook choose fresh dog food delivery instead. Fresh food for pets is exactly what it sounds – whole and unprocessed ingredients, something … [Read more…]

9 Dog Food Label Tricks Pet Owners Need to Know

Take note of these dog food label tips on your next trip to a pet store. Is it possible you’ve been feeding semi-healthy foods to your dogs? Are you aware that of a number of controversies surrounding the pet food industry, specifically foods labeled as healthy but not actually being so? Here are nine markers … [Read more…]

Recipe: Wild Frontier Dog Food (2018)

[embedded content] Now, more than ever, pet owners are doing diligent research to make sure they know exactly what is in the food that they are feeding their dogs. The quality of pet food has been put in the spotlight in recent years, due to the ever increasing list of recalls on these products. Wild Frontier … [Read more…]