Recipe: Beef and Sweet Potato Homemade Stew for Dogs

[embedded content] Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of nutrition for dogs. On a quest for a healthier lifestyle, many people are choosing sweet potatoes over their white counterparts. This homemade stew for dogs includes sweet potatoes and beef, but you could substitute a different protein source if necessary. Making homemade dog food id more … [Read more…]

Recipe: Chicken Stew Food for Dogs with No Appetite

[embedded content] There are a number of reasons why your pooch may lose his appetite. He may be experiencing dental issues, an upset stomach or suffering from side effects of a medication. Whatever the reason may be, this food for dogs with no appetite should entice him to eat. It’s usually a health issue that causes … [Read more…]

Best Dog Food for Springer Spaniels: 9 Vet Recommended Brands

Today’s dog foods are not one-size-fits-all. Continued canine nutritional research and investigations into the dog’s genome have shown that different breeds can benefit from specific diets. English Springer Spaniels are no different. Finding the best dog food for Springer Spaniels is important for your pet’s overall health and well-being. Table of Contents Springers are a … [Read more…]

Best Dog Food for Mastiffs: 10 Vet Recommended Brands

There are many different types of Mastiffs, or molessor dogs, in the world, from the stout Bull Mastiff to the fancy Dogue de Bourdeaux. Many of them are related and they all have similar nutritional needs, so it’s important to find the best dog food for Mastiffs to meet those requirements. Table of Contents These … [Read more…]

Best Dog Food for Vizsla: 9 Vet Recommended Brands

Also known as the Hungarian Pointer, the Vizsla is one of the smallest sporting dogs and has characteristics of both a pointer and a retriever. Their size and active lifestyle make it slightly more difficult to find the best dog food for Vizsla dogs that will meet their unique nutritional requirements. Table of Contents The … [Read more…]